UFC 96 Saturday night aftermath with Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz

It’s always good times on fight weekends. This one was a lot of fun cause I was rooming with Ed Clay the owner of Gameness and Ryan and Scotty the owners of OTM. If you’ve been following my blogs Ed Clay is one of my best friends. He also brought his girlfriend Britni and this was her very first UFC.

I got in Columbus at 12am Friday night and as soon as I got in I took a shuttle bus to the Renaissance Hotel to meet up with Ryan and Scotty, they had just flew in too. I was expecting to go to the club right away but we were waiting for Ed and Britni to meet up with us. While we were waiting we ordered a few Corona’s. I was so happy to see Ed. I haven’t seen him since his Gameness event in Nashville. It was such a site to see him.

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Next thing you know Miguel Torres walks in with Tracy Lee and a bunch of people coming from a club. I said Hi to Miguel and brought him over to meet Ed, Ryan, and Scotty. I said, “This is Ed the owner of Gameness” and Miguel goes “My first 4 gi’s were Gameness gi’s.” Then I also introduced him to Ryan and Scotty from OTM who also makes Lucky Gi’s and Miguel goes “I have a Lucky Gi.” I thought it was pretty cool and funny at the same time. After that Mike Goldberg walked in as happy as can be and as he gave me a hug I looked over and saw Mike ‘The Joker’ Guymon, ‘ahhh ohhh’ is exactly what I thought. Every time Joker is around something hilarious always happens and sure enough he picks me up and puts me in a head lock and then I put him in a head lock lol. Next thing you know Urijah Faber walks in. There was no way we were leaving to go to the club now the party was where we were at lol.

UFC 96: Friday Night Prepartiescombatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife
UFC 96: Friday Night Prepartiescombatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

The next day we woke up pretty late. Plus we were all jet lagged and I really had to get to the Arnold’s to sign at the Fight Chix booth. Beth said people were coming by asking for me but I tried to get there as soon as I could. I didn’t sign for long cause I got there around 4pm. I walked around and checked it out. The Arnold’s was crackin’. It was packed everywhere. I walked around and networked for IMMAE and grabbed as many business cards as I could. I couldn’t get a hold of Ryan and Scotty. Knowing them they were either negotiating business or talking to some hot chicks, but I wasn’t gonna wait for them. So I walked to the Renaissance hotel because Ed and Britni just got there. When I was walking I ran into Goldie walking to the arena ironically. It was less than a mile away and I was having flashbacks when Jaycee made me walk from New York New York to the Palazzo in Vegas in my 5 inch heels…. Torcher!!!!! I still will never forgive him for that lol.

I met up with Britni and Ed and we headed to the Nationwide Arena. Ed headed to the media section and Britni and I headed to the bar for our first drinks of the night. As we were both double fisting it back to our seats the most embarrassing thing happened to me… I slipped on some water and fell. I bit it soooo hard. I hit my head on the wall and on the floor and both of my drinks landed on me. It hurt so badly. ๐Ÿ™ I didn’t want to wait for security to come to make report because I didn’t want to miss any of the fights. Especially cause Brandon Vera’s fight was second on the card. I wanted to hurry up and get the fuck out of where I was at and wipe all the alcohol off of my hair, face, and clothes… Yes very embarrassing! Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

I couldn’t believe the referee during the Riley vs. Nelson fight. It was one of the worst early stoppages I’ve ever seen… Believe me when I say ‘the worst.’ Brandon’s fight was next and I was super duper excited. I wish I had my Filipino flag but itโ€™s at Brandon’s house lol. I accidentally left it in their room when we were all partying during the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight in Las Vegas. I looked in the Nationwide Arena and saw a few Filipino flags and nothing but pride entered my heart and I was singing along with Brandon Vera’s walkout song ‘Bebot’ by Black Eyed Peas. Everyone around me knew I was Filipino and knew who I was rooting for lol.

When Brandon won his fight I couldn’t stop jumping up and down. All I thought was ‘we are fucking celebrating tonight!โ€™ This was a big fight for B. He was getting criticized for a downfall in his 2008 career but now The Truth is back baybee!!! All I thought was ‘now its time for Munoz to win’. Mark ‘The Filipino Wrecking Machine’ Munoz was fighting Matt Hamill, a more experienced fighter. Munoz was undefeated and I know how hard he has been training with Mike Guymon and how much this fight meant to him. Not to mention Munoz is Pinoy, and representing for us Filipinos really means a lot to him. I remember him emailing me his walk out song and it was a dope ‘Filipino Wrecking Machine’ song by a local Pinoy rapper and Pinay singer from the Bay Area, but he ended up walking out to E-40’s Tell Me When to Go. Mark is from Vallejo and so is E-40 and when he came out I was getting hyphy and proud to be Filipino and from Norcal haha. But when Matt Hamill gave him that head kick for a knockout victory I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. Both of my hands were over my mouth and people around me were trying to come up to me to tell me they were sorry and that he is gonna be fine. I told them to leave me alone till he got up and when Munoz didn’t get up for a while I started to have tears in my eyes. I’ve never cried at any fight. The most I’ve been heart broken was seeing Manny Gamburyan get knocked out in 14 seconds in Minnesota and hanging out with him right after his fight trying to cheer him up. It’s completely different when you personally know the fighter and you know how hard they trained and how much the fight meant to them. Mark didn’t get up for a while and I seen them carry up the stretcher. All I kept saying aloud was ‘Get up Munoz… please get up!’ He didn’t need to be carried off the stretcher and when he got up everyone clapped. Whew!! What a relief….

I was super happy Rampage, Tamdan McCrory, Kendall Grove, and Gray Maynard won too. I thought UFC 96 was a great event. It was better than UFC 94 that’s for sure. The event had really good fights with good endings. A big thumbs up to Joe Silva and the UFC for an amazing event.

As soon as we left the arena there were no taxi’s around anywhere and there was no way I was gonna walk to the Renaissance again in heels. So I asked these two random black buys at the stop light to take us to the hotel for $20. I know it was pretty brave but I had Ed Clay with me and I know he can kick anyoneโ€™s ass lol.

We met with Brandon and his wife Kerry and her parents. I haven’t seen them in a while. Kerry’s parents are so cute and are very supportive of Kerry and Brandon’s career. I gave B a huge hug and said Congratulations. I teased him and said “Where’s your brother Joel?” lol. I knew Joel wasn’t gonna be in Ohio. I hit him up before I left California. Brandon introduced me to his other brother and he looked so damn familiar to me. I said, “Were you on the flight from Denver to Columbus?” It turned out him and his wife were from Colorado Springs and was on the same connecting flight as me lol. Brandon doesn’t drink much only on very rare occasions and this was definitely one lol. Ed Clay ordered a round of Jack and Coke for everyone. We all put our cups up in the air to the Celebration of Brandonโ€™s victory. After that Mark Munoz walked in too. I said hi to his wife and then gave Mark a long comforting hug and he goes “Man Rara…” with his head down. I said “its okay Mark, this isn’t it for you. Your career just started. I have faith in you and your fans do too.” he thanked me and then Brandon was talking to him in Tagalog telling him to keep his head up, etc. Everyone was snapping photos from every direction. I had to make sure I got one with my boys. Especially a Tracy Lee photo ๐Ÿ™‚ Then Lloyd Irvin comes with a round of Mimosas and handed them to everyone. Brandon yelled “Munoz!! Get over here!” and handed him a Mimosa. We all grabbed our cups and Brandon said “To new beginnings”, referring to him and Munoz. ๐Ÿ™‚

UFC 96: The Aftermath
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I’m gonna end my blog right here. I’d write about the whole rest of the night but for you readers to know Brandon Vera and Mark Munoz were still hopeful and celebrating new beginnings is enough blogging for me.

MMA Kababayan baybee!!!


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    You’re soooooo damn cute…I think I’m in love ๐Ÿ™‚

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    These three are the ones who are gonna build the MMA Kababayan!

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