UFC 92 With My Family

Yesterday, I went out with my family for some dim sum and shopping. I forgot to charge my phone and after I BeenUp2’ed my dim sum photo my phone died. We didn’t get home for a while and I was stressing because I didn’t know where were were going to watch the UFC 92 fight. I asked my Dad the day before if we could order the fight and he said No, but when I asked him the day of fight and gave him the “Please Daddy…” with the pouty face he didn’t say No, he said “Ask your Mom” HAHA! I love my parents. You’d think after 26 years the pouty face wouldn’t work, but I’m the baby out of my brother and sister… and I still get what I want. HAHA! 😉

As soon as we ordered the fight I called my cousins and my sisters boyfriend to let them know we ordered the fight, and I called them from my Moms phone cause my phone was still dead. My Mom didn’t have my sisters boyfriends number in her phone and she does now! lol. Everyone was excited. This UFC 92 card is the best of 2008 by far!

Since we were having company over and my Mom needed to bring a dish to a get together we made Fried Wontons. Fried Wontons is one of my Moms signature dishes and I was excited to make it cause I haven’t made it in a long time.

Getting started on my Fried Wontons

I’m the best Wonton wrapper lol

Fried Wontons all done

These Fried Wontons were BOMB! They were all gone by the end of the night.

Normally on any given UFC in Las Vegas I would be there, but I stayed in Stockton after the Holiday because it’s my sisters birthday and last year I didn’t stay and went to UFC 79. I think next year I’ll just get tickets for the whole family so we can be at the fights together because this experience being with them during a fight was AWESOME!

We had a lot of people over my Moms house watching the fight and all the yelling and screaming at the TV and in each others face was sooooo much fun LOL! My sister and her boyfriend had a bet going during the Forrest vs Rashad fight. Whoever wins gets a weeks Worth of massages. My sister lost cause she was rooting for Forrest LOL. During Nog vs Mir I was rooting for Nog and my cousin Roger was rooting for Mir and we were sitting next to each other talking shit. OMG but I was the happiest person in the whole house when Rampage won his fight. The last time I saw him was probably a month or so ago in Hollywood and he said that his training at Wolfslair was going really good and he felt ready and is getting more mentally prepared for his fight against Wandy. I am sooooo proud of him…. RAMPAGE IS BACK YALL!

Anyway, nothing can compare to watching MMA with my family…

After the fights we went to Club Envy where it was crackin’. I never seen Club Envy crackin’ in Stockton and last night it was insane! My cousin Roger was deejaying and as always I had a blast with my family.

DJ RS1 aka my cousin Roger 🙂

My brother and sister… I love them more than anything!

… and that was my UFC 92 experience with my family!

Thanks for the awesome card, Zuffa!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish I was there because I love some good food!! I’m still disappointed with Forrest losing, and of course Big Nog. It was good to see ‘Page get back in the mix though


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