Tagg Radio with Don Frye and Stone Trigg

This morning I stopped by the Tagg Radio studio in Las Vegas, NV. When I called Gorgeous George, a good friend and Tagg Radio host, to let him know I was coming into town last night, he was pre-celebrating his birthday with his brother, Brian aka Goze, who is another host on the show along with celebrity fighter Frank Trigg. Goze’s birthday was on September 23rd and today is George’s birthday. With that said, I’d like to wish them both a Happy Birthday. 🙂

Don Frye was in the studio along with the latest addition to the Trigg family, Stone. Stone is Frank’s three week old baby boy. Nici, Trigg’s wife looked freakin’ amazing for having a baby only three weeks ago. As soon as I walked in Stone was sleeping right on his Daddy’s chest. My heart melted. Stone is adorable!

There were a lot of people in the Combat Chat and over 101 viewers viewing the Tagg Radio webcam. I promised the chatters that I would blog about them with a shout out. So here goes… thank you Tagg Radio regulars for your continuous love and support throughout this past year. Chatters: .n3m, Ashley84, Aubrey, cjrrez, crklyn408, Dennis, Dick Barrymore, dru-tj, Elvis, fng, gmunit, importimageracing, j2k813, jrothman888, JuggermautJs, ktims86, libraporlibra, MuMbLeS, Paks, Sammytsquid, sanguiness, Shark_Tank, t.west, VIPete

I love going into the Combat Chat the mornings that I can. Every morning from 9AM to 10:30AM Tagg Radio puts on a great MMA radio show. I love knowing that if I look at my clock and it’s 9:30AM, I could just tune into the show and log into the Combat Chat and get my daily dose of MMA. I’ve been listening to Tagg Radio for over a year now and I am very proud of all of their accomplishments. I always get happy when I see a Tagg Radio link on www.MMAJunkie.com in one of their articles. I know how much passion these guys have for the sport and it’s refreshing to see how far they have come. I love me some Tagg Radio!

Well, I’m heading to Mr. Olympia at the Las Vegas Convention Center soon to see if I could get any potential nutrition and supplement companies to come out to our next IMMAE.

Be prepared for really great blogs for this weekend. 🙂


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  1. Chris Palmquist says:

    Mmm Kura Sushi!!! Great place.

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