R.I.P Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis

When I received the call that Charles passed away I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t even confirmed it was him yet. All I kept thinking was no way its him. I text Dan ‘Punkass’ and no response. I called Tracy right away to see if she heard anything and she didn’t. She was the first to hear from me. We hung up so we could make more calls. I called Ryan and told him and he said Scotty just got a call at that moment and was told the same thing. Later on I get a text ‘It was him’. 🙁

The Underground server was unavailable because so many people were going to the site. Charles was the co-founder of TapouT… this is something huge to our MMA industry.

I remember trying to find my seat at the UFC in Chicago during a fight and while I was ducking and diving Mask asked me to come sit next to him. He had the best seats in the house lol. He didn’t have to but he did. Then he goes “Dang Rara, you’re everywhere on the internet. When is your next Expo thing?” lol He came to every single one of our shows. We posted a tribute to Mask on our site http://www.immae.tv

Tracy made a tribute to Mask album on her site and has the coolest story about him on there.

A Tribute to Charles Lewis, AKA Mask of Tapout
combatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Rest In Peace Mask. Thank you for giving us with hope something to believe in.


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