Nakedness Day…

I’ve never felt sooo naked before in my life!

It’s amazing on how much we depend on our phones everyday. Yesterday, Jaycee and I hit up Bahay Kubo for some Filipino food and then picked up Won and headed to the Fashion District. As soon as I BeenUp2’ed the photo of Won and Jaycee my phone received the error. My Blackberry bugged out on me and said ‘App Error 205’. I couldn’t use my phone at all… and I was out all day. Never again will I ever update my Blackberry with an update that At&t sent out… errr!

Needless to say, I felt naked all day without being able to make or receive calls, use the internet, be on blackberry messenger, check and receive emails…. OMG it was all bad.

After the Fashion District we went to the At&t store and they couldn’t help me out with my phone, but at least I know I can upgrade on January 26th HAHA! Blackberry Bold here I come lol. They gave me an address to a store in Torrence that replaced Blackberrys and they closed at 9pm. So I dropped off Won and Jikka and headed straight to Torrence in traffic. I waited for an hour before I was helped, but at least I am set and good to go now. Its a good thing I backed up all of my information or else I would have been screwed.

My advice:
*Do not download the new At&t Bold update for the curve. It has errors.
*Always backup your information

Thank God I didn’t have to re-add everyone on Blackberry Messenger… Whew!

… and that was my Nakedness day hehe.


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