My UFC 90 trip to Chicago was so much fun!

First off, I would like to thank Beth and Jake Nuesser (the owner’s of Fight Chix) for their hospitality. I had an awesome time with them and in Chicago!

I can go on and on with stories that happened over the weekend, but honestly I’m just too lazy to type them out right now.

UFC 90 was good granted it wasn’t what the fans wanted to see. But at least we got to see a great up and coming fighter like Junior dos Santos knock out Fabricio Werdum and Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin throw down for three rounds. Everyone was upset with the outcome of the Silva vs Cote fight, but when we were in the limo ride on our way to the club Hermes Franca and Dean Lister pointed something out to me. Hermes goes “Rara, I understand where Anderson is coming from. No one knows what it’s like to be a fighter, with all the stress we got to go through to cut weight and put on a show for our fans.” Then Dean elaborated on Anderson going back and forth on weight classes. Plus, they got to train everyday, maintain a family, pay their bills, maintain the media, etc.

I never really thought about that. I took a step back and looked at myself. Most of you may not know this but I’ve gained some weight and I’m trying to lose it, but it’s been rough. I got to watch what I eat and try to find time to work out during my busy working day. But I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be a fighter and and cut 15 lbs and then gain it back… I’d be stressed like a mutha fucka!

I have faith in Anderson and he is gonna come back harder than ever his next fight! 🙂

Our after party was so much fun, especially with unlimited bottle service lol. Minus all the drama that went down trying to get to the club, we all had a great time! The people at Club Level treated us well. Fabricio Werdum didn’t even show up to his own afterparty. I wouldn’t want to party if I was him too… He got knocked the fuck out! lol It was a big win for Ed Soares and his team. I was very happy for them and at the same time I was sad that Werdum lost cause Fight Chix sponsored him.

Anyway, I can go on and on about how much fun I had this weekend but then I’d be typing a novel. It was so nice to see all of my friends from Chitown. I even had the chance to visit my Auntie Marmi (my Mom’s first cousin). I was so happy to see Auntie Marmi and her family. I know it made my mom happy and my Lola proud. I love my family.

Yesterday my flight was booked to depart at 6:40pm and to arrive in LA at 9pm. There was no way I could have taken that flight because we had to film our show, MMA with Yac and J at 7PM. I had my uncle drop me off at the airport at 12:30pm to see if I could catch a flight standby… and sure enough I DID!

I was writing my script on the airplane ride home and made it in time to the studio. I think I’m getting this teleprompter stuff down. LOL! I’ll post the show on my site on Wednesday. You can also tune into to watch it too.

Well happy Tuesday!


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2 Responses to “My UFC 90 trip to Chicago was so much fun!”
  1. chcrichiebc says:

    It looks like you had a Intresting time in the Windy City! Reading your blog the past few days you were a really Busy Person!

  2. Jake Nuesser says:

    Rara—here is a link to some more photos

    We had a blast with you too and thanks so much for coming out and having a good time with—and for everything you do! We can't wait to see you and Drea again soon!

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