My Tuesday Night at Club Central

Jane hit me up earlier yesterday and asked if I wanted to go out to Club Central, and of course I was down. Our boy Allen was promoting the private party.

I knew I should have worn tennis shoes so that I can get my dance on, but I wore heels cause Jane was wearing heels. It was torture seeing a dance circle and not being able to go in because I had heels on. Sure enough, I took my 5 inch heels off and was dancing in the circle. Dancing is my free time, my ME time… and after my fun ass weekend in Chicago it was definitely something I needed to ice the topping on the cake. The well known dancer Crazy Legs was there from the Rock Steady crew and gave me my props and encouraged me to go into the circle more, but honestly, I was kinda intimidated because he was there lol. By the time I looked at my feet they were black! haha

For some reason I always run into Apl from Black Eyed Peas at some random place and it’s always at a place where there are hella Filipinos haha. But we said Hi and caught up real quick. I think the last time I was him was in Vegas at Manny Pacquiao’s last fight.

The night was fun. It was nice hanging out with my friends and even running into friends too; Jane, Allen, Nolan, Byron, Ryan, Turbulence, Samantha, Apl, Jaycee, Q, Mel… and if I forgot to mention your name, my bad. lol

Jane, Me, and Allen

Me and Sam… I love her hair!

Me, Apl, and Jane

Me and Jaycee. Jikka is back from Taiwan. LMAO at his face!


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  1. chcrichiebc says:

    hey glad to hear that your back and as from reading your blog you got your boogie on in Hollywood!

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