My MMA Holiday Wishlist 2009!

These are things that I think look cute and are definitely on my 2009 Holiday wish list… and Santa said I’ve been a good girl this year =)

1. Queen Hoody – Fight Chix
I’m not saying this because I am a spoke smodel for Fight Chix but this hoody is too cute and sporty. It has fur inside and is comfy. I love it. It’s on my wish list because it’s a must have for every woman who is a fan of MMA.

2. Vertigo Henley long sleeve Black – TapouT
The cut of this shirt is cute. I love the buttons to unbutton and show the cleavage I don’t have! lol But really… it will fit the body right and that’s why it’s on my wish list.

3. Radical Board Shorts – Punishment Athletics
There is something about these shorts that express to me comfy which is why I have it on my wish list. It just screams out ‘cook in these shorts’ to me lol.

4. Empower Thermal – Fight Chix
This is a must have thermal for winter. It is sexy and has Empower on it. It’s exactly what women stand for… Empowerment!

5. Philippine Walkout – Jaco Clothing
Jaco Clothing is newer to the MMA scene this year, but definitely caught my eye when they sponsored Brandon Vera. I would be walking a proud pinay wearing this shirt.

6. iGrapple shirt – MMA Warehouse
When I did the Their Fight Is Our Fight event, MMA Warehouse was one of our sponsors and they donated this shirt for us to raffle and giveaway. Ever since I saw it, I thought it was super cute and very creative… just something I had to have. I’d love to rock this shirt by cutting off the top to show some shoulder and do it 80’s style 🙂

7. Lono sunglasses – Vandal Eyewear
I already have the Kai version of Vandal Eyewear, but when I saw these I knew they were a must have. They have spring time written all over it. Cute for driving to a shooting for GymPass in traffic lol.

8. Mabuhay tee – Toe 2 Toe
This shirt makes me feel good inside. It was created for a good cause and I’d love to have another one to wear because the one that I have is signed by everyone who participated in the charity event. Pinoys represent!

9. BJ Penn Hat – BJ PENN
I am such a hat girl. I love rockin’ hats with hoop earrings. I grew up in the 80s and love the look. When they showed the red BJ Penn hat on my episode of GymPass at the RVCA gym with BJ Penn, I had to have it. Plus, red is my favorite color.

10. Brad Tavares – MMA Fighter

He is a fighter from Hawaii that is hella fine, 22 years old and taken. I’d like to have him single and 5 years older than his age now lol. I’ve been good this year, Santa. Can you warp us into a time zone before he met his girlfriend when I saw him grapple in that no-gi tournament in Hawaii? haha

I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Season this year!

P.S. I know I’ve been a little naughty but super nice. Santa, please get me my Holiday wish list this year! 😉


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2 Responses to “My MMA Holiday Wishlist 2009!”
  1. alexandra Pete says:

    i feel ya on # 10 😉

  2. Marc says:

    You know,you make me love fashion.That’s crazy.

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