My hair braiding skills for Urijah Faber’s Amp Energy Commercial

I never thought I’d be a hair stylist for Urijah Faber’s Amp Energy Commercial but it looks like I was lol. Those braids are all me baby! Braided those cornrows nice and tight for the purpose to keep his hair out his face. For now, I am 2-1 for his fight braids. I hope we’ll be 3-1 for his next WEC fight against Jose Aldo.

Urijah is an animal and carries every trait of a champion even when he lost against Mike Brown. He’s pretty much the face of WEC, as he should be. He’s marketable, the smartest fighter I know (that’s big right?), and has an outstanding attitude towards life. I wish everyone could have a chance to get to know the guy. I’m very proud of him and all his accomplishments. He represents California so well. Give it up for the California Kid doing big thangs!

Check out Urijah’s Amp Energy Commercial!

Pic after I braided Urijah’s hair.


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