MMA With Yac & J: Chris Crocker defends Kimbo Slice

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One Response to “MMA With Yac & J: Chris Crocker defends Kimbo Slice”
  1. Pamela says:

    It’s natural for peploe who don’t understand the game of MMA to compare Kimbo to Fedor. Actually, it’s a very easy thing to do.For peploe who are uneducated, they often hear the name Kimbo Slice. They might have seen his Youtube fights, and believed all the hype surrounding him.As for Fedor, he fought in Pride and Rings back in Japan. Back then, unless you were a ******** fan of MMA, you wouldn’t take the time to watch those shows. Now, Fedor has hit America, and has appeared in Strikeforce and Affliction. So, now more peploe have seen Fedor fight, but a large chunk of America hasn’t.People will compare Kimbo who was on CBS’s Strikeforce and The Ultimate Fighter to Fedor, an unknown to the common fans.Those peploe haven’t seen Fedor take one of the most brutal suplexes, to only kimura Randleman less than a minute later. Those peploe haven’t seen Fedor stay in the guard and avoid the submissions of one of the best Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu black belts in Nogueira for THIRTY MINUTES.They also didn’t see Fedor handing a beatdown to Crocop in the RING, not the CAGE. Fedor was using his boxing well, and putting the stamp on Crocop, an outstanding K1 Muay Thai kickboxer with superb takedown defense. If you never saw those fights, then it would be easy to ask how would Kimbo do against Fedor. For those who know Fedor, you would simply laugh when someone would ask something so obvious.

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