Reminiscing: When Michael Jackson died I was in Hawaii for IMMAE…

I’ll never forget where I was when I found out Michael Jackson passed away…

I was excited on a flight heading to Hawaii for our very first IMMAE out there. All I kept thinking was ‘Is this really work? Am I really heading to Hawaii for a week for work?’ lol. I couldn’t wait to hang out with Brittnay Yap from Uproar Hawaii Magazine, JimmyNaks from the UG, and fighters Clay Guida and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller. As soon as I landed and turned my phone on, I had a bunch of text messages of people telling me Michael Jackson had died. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. My excitement for Hawaii went down a few notches. My stomach was in a twist and I was in disbelief the king of pop had passed away.

I looked at my timeline on twitter and Michael Jackson was an instant trending topic. Brittnay picked me up from the airport and as excited as I was to see her my aurora was low. All I kept thinking about was Michael Jackson… gosh what a great impact he had over the world. I text my mom and my dad right away to give them the news of MJ’s passing. My father, as a musician, I know touched him very much. I sat back and thought about the time my parents took my brother, sister, and I to see Michael Jackson live in 1989 at the Staples Center. I swear I wore my Who’s Bad concert tour tshirt like 5 times in a row at school the next day lol. I’m very thankful my parents took us to see Michael Jackson perform. Really… how many people my age can say they actually saw Michael Jackson perform live? My parents are the best!

Thinking about Micheal Jackson’s death reminded me that I never blogged about my IMMAE-Hawaii trip. How could I ever forget this trip? It was the first time I laid my eyes on the sexiest fighter I’ve ever seen… Brad Tavares. HAHA!

Now since it’s been a year most of my memories slightly vague. So I’m gonna post pictures and captions from my BeenUp2 account. Goodness I haven’t logged into this account since twitpic took over the whole game lol. So here goes, sharing that experience with you…

Thursday, June 25th, 2009.

Boarding my flight to Honolulu Hawaii!! Yeee! 🙂


Clay Guida buying an SD card for his camera here in Hawaii

Clay and I right by the Wakiki beach. Just got done eating at Duke’s Canoe Club. Stuffed!

Chris Templo picked me up and we are on our way to go surfing just in time for the sunset 🙂

*I couldn’t get up on a wave haha. I tried and tried and tried…. I paddled my ass all the way out there in the ocean and still couldn’t give up. Oh well… next time! haha 🙂

Clay, Chris, and I at Mai Tai’s

Yeah, they serve sushi this late at the club out here in Wakiki 😉

Friday, June 26th, 2009.

Good morning 4rm Hawaii. Left the screen open 2 wake up 2 the sound of the beach. So beautiful!

11 year old talented Drake and his tribal art work. We got a future tattoo artist here!

That’s right I am in Hawaii for business 😉 IMMAE Hawaii set up pic. Its looking good. Can’t wait!!

Hanging loose with Clay Guida on the beach drinking mai tai’s out of coconuts!

Clay Guida sailing for the first time! This shit is sooo awesome!!!

*Soooooo Clay had a fan come up to him and asked him if he wanted to go sailing… sure enough we all went and had a blast!!!!!!! OMG it was so beautiful. I’ll never forget it.

Well worth this view of the island. We’re both feeling completely blessed to live this life.

This sushi is absolutely amazing!

Saturday, June 27th, 2009.

Good morning Hawaii! Soooo beautiful! So blessed. 🙂

Spam eggs and rice served at McDonalds?? Yeeeeeee!!!! 🙂

Rude Boy, Clay Guida, and Kendall Grove at the IMMAE HAWAII!

Gotta love Tjay Thompson! At the IMMAE Hawaii

*TJay is the Dana White of Hawaii.

Vandal Eye Wear just hooked it up with these glasses 🙂

*Real talk… I still wear these sunglasses to this day and love them!!!

Blue belt girls grappling at Pac Sub

Shout out to the fighter in the pink pants, Sage. He is Hawaii’s Aoki lol.

Fight Chix model contestants shadow boxing 😉

*Clay Guida, Mayhem Miller, and I were judges to this Fight Chix model contest. It was soooo much fun! There was even a fighter dance off that Rude Boy became a part of and sure enough he won. There is a video of it on and YouTube. Hella funny!

Happy Anniversary to Uproar Magazine!!! Soooo much fun!!

Sunday, June 28th, 2009.

Eating lau lau!!!! Its soooo freakin’ good! 🙂

Kendall Grove grappling at Pac Sub

Ahaha! Hana and Brit sleeping at IMMAE Hawaii, hungover from their afterparty lol

Loraine, BJ Penn’s mom. I love her and she loves me too! 🙂 Check out the sexy Just Scrap hat she hooked me up with

Battling it out with the boys at Dave and Busters

Monday, June 29th, 2009.

Eating at Eggs N Things…

*Thank you Jimmynaks! That place is the shit!

I love my life. My view from the pool at my hotel.

The good life… Poolside with Mayhem at the Hyatt in Wakiki beach with a cocktail and reading Breaking Dawn 🙂

Every single piece of food here is wrapped in a leaf… BBQ poke!

*Mayhem and I loved the food there… soooo good!

Me and Brit from Uproar Magazine… Love her!

Freakin’ Mayhem… Ha!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009.

Saying good bye to the view from my hotel. Checking out now 🙁

The beautiful scenery driving to North Shore

Mayhem, Brit, and I are happy as can be now that we got some Matsumoto’s on North Shore 😉

Whoa! This girl just caught this octopus and said she is gonna take it home and cook it…

Driving by the Dole Plantation

Hawaiian sunset as I leave the island. On my way to the airport…

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009.

Just landed in LA and look who is waiting for the shuttle too… KJ Noons! Just saw him in Hawaii lol.

*I couldn’t believe KJ was on the same flight as me. I just saw him in Hawaii at IMMAE and at the club lol. He was nice enough to drive me to my car.

And that was my trip!

Again, I’ll never forget where I was when Michael Jackson passed away. I remember every street corner was playing Michael Jackson in Hawaii… even in the clubs. Brit just reminded me I was battling this guy on the dance floor at The Shack with an MJ dance off lol. Thinking of his death reminds me of what an amazing experience I had in Hawaii for the love of MMA and event planning… RIP Michael Jackson.


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