Kimbo on TUF…

Here are my thoughts.

First off, I’m questioning if I’m going to continue to watch this season of The Ultimate Fighter because Kimbo lost his fight and cause the fight with Wes Shivers and James McSweeney was WACK! I can’t believe these guys were picked to be on TUF when they couldn’t even last one or two rounds in the octagon. At least they now know what they need to work on – Cardio!

Kimbo Slice really impressed me with his fight against Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson. I couldn’t believe I actually saw a leg kick coming from Kimbo. It’s very exciting to see a fighter come from the streets into the professional sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Ever since I met Kimbo and his manager Icey Mike at AVN a few years ago, I’ve always been a Kimbo fan. It’s funny cause once I told Icey Mike I was ‘Miss Rara from the UG’ he took me in with open arms inviting me to all their Reality Kings parties and fiascos. That’s what I love about the MMA industry; its so small everyone knows each other, but once you’re in – you’re in!

I really liked how the producers focused on Kimbo’s personality. You’d think he’s a tough bully but the reality is, he’s a normal guy. I loved how Kimbo was talking about how he had never been this connected with God in his life… how he had ‘ENEMYS’ but it was really his ‘Inner Me’ he was battling. How could you not like the guy after that?

I loved how he was rockin’ the Tribute to Mask TapouT tee. Once I saw that, I thought to myself ‘Kimbo respects the sport and the people who helped contribute to it’. Then I remembered running into him at Mask’s funeral. (pic of us at Mask’s funeral – R.I.P. Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis

Although he really needs to work on his ground game, I got all the love and respect for Kimbo because he loves fighting; he respects the sport. Kimbo right now is one of the most powerful men in MMA. Just think about it for a second….


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  1. mma gear guide says:

    You know it was really disappointing to see Kimbo get defeated. Its mainly because he is an easy guy to like. He's actually a nice guy and really honest. He knows that he needs to work on his ground game. I like that he shows up to fight no matter what. Im going to continue to watch TUF 10, to see how Kimbo develops.

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