Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It’s my father’s 54th birthday today!

I am the baby out of three and I’ll never deny that I am Daddy’s little girl.

I love talking about my Papa…

I’m very proud of my father and the many accomplishments he has made throughout his life. He retired from the Air Force out of 20 years as a musician and vocalist. Technical Sargent Mel Suguitan is his military title. Growing up my Dad has had Air Force Military Pop Bands, RnB Bands, and Rock Bands. He was even a part of the Band of the Golden West. He sang the National Anthem for former President Ronald Reagan and even performed for our troops during Desert Storm too. After he retired, he went back to school to get his teaching credentials and now teaches Choir, Orchestra, and Mariachi at Ceasar Chavez High School in Stockton, CA. Yes, you read right. My Dad is a Mariachi teacher and he is Filipino. As a matter of fact, he is the first teacher to ever teach Mariachi in the San Joaquin County. He has received awards from the Stockton Unified School District.

My Dad was put on this earth to teach music (Oh and to have me too of course! lol) His passion to teach music goes way beyond words. He loves it. His students love him. I even get Myspace messages from his former students asking me about my Dad. Wait… that’s not it! My Dad is even the choir teacher at our church that my family has been going to for decades.

Put it like this… my Dad is the shit!

Growing up my sister and I would always watch boxing with my Dad. And now that his Baby works in the MMA industry whenever there is a fight we always call each other. It’s such a great bond to have with my Dad. His favorite fighter is Urijah Faber and after Urijah’s last fight my Dad called me just as I was walking out the press conference and talking with Urijah. I told Urijah that my Dad said Congratulations and put Urijah on the phone. Urijah told my Dad that I did a great job braiding his hair lol and my Dad told him he was awesome and enjoyed watching his fight. But to have my Dad talk to his favorite fighter after he just saw him fight on TV… that’s pretty freakin’ cool! I knew it would make my Papa happy hehe.

He is 350 miles away from me and whenever I miss my Papa I always play this YouTube video of him singing with his students.

And every time I hear Beyonce’s Daddy song I always cry. I remember the first time I heard it I had to pull over because my mascara was getting in my eyes and I couldn’t drive anymore. It really hits me right here in the heart.

Whenever I get married I know I am gonna cry the most when I get to have my Father Daughter dance. That’s how much my Papa means to me. He has taught me to believe in myself and never give up. He has given me the best example of what a man truly is. He’s been with my Mom since high school and to this day still grabs her hand and treats her like his Queen. He is always there when I need him and is the Best Dad in the World. I’m very thankful to have my Papa.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you and Mom more than anything. Thank you for reminding me to always keep my faith in God and giving me your unconditional love.

♥ Your Baby


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”
  1. Narcisist says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad Rara, and the new site looks great

  2. Jacob Nuesser says:

    Hey Rara—Happy Birthday to your dad! It is so great that you have a wonderful relationship with him and you really appreciate him. I lost my Papa when I was 21, but he taught me so much and really made me the man I have become—and I believe everything I do good in my life is done in his honor.

    All the best to your parents!!

    -jake (fight chix)

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