Halloween Costumes and the Lesbian Club Here

Yesterday, during the day, I spent the day sending out emails. IMMAE is still in planning for our 2009 event and I wanted to make sure things are going smooth with the potential sponsors we have on board and some exhibitors. Towards the evening Drea and I were trying to figure out what costume she was going to wear for Halloween. This was easy for Drea to not spend money on a costume because she makes EVERYTHING! This girl is known to make an outfit go from rags to riches lol. At first she found one of my long skirts and was trying to make a Greek goddess outfit… and it was cute! Then she found one of Amy’s shirts (our other roommate) and made a dress out of it. She cut a few leaves from one of our fake plants, found some bobby pins, and stuck them in her hair. She wrapped one of my gold belts around her arm and sure enough in no time she created a cute sexy Halloween costume spending no money. Then I tried on my Halloween costume, a sexy flight attendant. I bought it from Fredrick’s of Hollywood years ago and it’s still cute! haha

I heard from JD yesterday via aim. He is in Brisbane, Australia now having a blast like always. I haven’t talked to him since he drunk dialed me from Paris, France two weeks ago… and he didn’t remember anything he said. It’s true what they say right?, “The truth comes out when you’re drunk”. I wish I could use what he said against him, but it’s way too pointless now. He wouldn’t tell me these things in my face obviously cause he is very prideful and a Leo too. 😉

Drea was rehearsing in her Trashy Lingerie costume at home… it is sooooo cute! I can’t wait for everyone to see her performance. I woke her up this morning and said “Good morning, Sunshine! Today is your big day… I’m so excited!”, she said she is excited too. I soooo can’t wait.

I was supposed to go to Les Deux yesterday with Jane. We kinda planned it on Tuesday but it was up in the air. I didn’t end up going cause Jane wasn’t too sure if she wanted to go out yet cause she had to plan for Vegas, Nolan was on his way to Vegas, Byron didn’t call me back, and Jaycee was being a poop lol. So after about 10:00pm I knew I wasn’t gonna go. Then at about 11PM Jane hit me up, she said she had to go to Club Here. I was kinda in shock because I didn’t think Jane knew about Club Here, but shes never been there. It was her friends birthday and had to show up. I literally live less than a mile from the Club. Jane swooped me up on we were on our way to Club Here, the lesbian club in West Hollywood.

I haven’t been to Club Here in a VERY long time, but I hit up my girl Jaime because I knew she always goes there. She wasn’t going to go out but since I hit her and her homegirls hit her up too, sure enough she came out. I’ve known her since high school so we go waaaaay back. It’s always nice to run into her with her 209 flava! lol

Me and Jaime

Monique, Christine, Jane, B, Jaime, and Me

Jane, Jaime, and Me

After Club Here we all went to eat Thai food at Toi. Myron promotes Club Arena on Thursday night and met up with us to eat too. It’s always good catching up with Myron. I’ve known him for years too.

I had a very fun Thursday night. I CANT WAIT FOR TONIGHT!


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