I don’t know what happened to my phone yesterday but it sucks not getting blackberry internet service on my phone right now. I can’t get any of my emails or blackberry messages 🙁 I can’t even send any pics to my BeenUp2 either. It’s crazy how much my life depends on my mobile device. I feel like I’m disconnected from the world walking out of the house naked with no clothes on lol. All I can do is make calls and send texts… oh and lurk The Underground too hehe.

Freakin’ AT&T customer service is closed on Sunday… boo! *thumbs down*

*sigh* It could be worse.

Well I’m about to get ready to meet Arianny at Bare (the pool at The Mirage).


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One Response to “FRUSTRATED!”
  1. Steve says:

    Yeah… a bunch of the AT&T phones here at work are messed up too, so I don't think it's just you. They must be experiencing some problems.

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