Floyd Mayweather is racist towards Filipinos!

After Floyd Mayweather just pulled the biggest dick tuck in boxing history by declining the fight against Manny Pacquiao, he pulls this! This is proof that Mayweather and his camp are just straight HATERS from the get, IMO. Philippine media BANNED from interviewing Floyd Mayweather Jr. at LA Press Con

Read the article pares! They turned down long time Filipino sportscaster Chino Trinidad because of his ethnicity! That’s straight RACISM! This isn’t the first time Mayweather was racist towards Chino too.

IMO, Mayweather can go suck a fat one for this. It’s one to go there to the public and say Pacquiao is on steroids… it’s another to turn down a reporter because of his race. Just like Chino said ‘this is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all Filipinos’. So I write this to spread the word throughout the Filipino MMA Community… Floyd Mayweather is racist towards Filipinos!

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4 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather is racist towards Filipinos!”
  1. zayiii says:

    mayweather is just scared to face the pacman that’s why he’s coming up with too many excuses.

    they banned filipino media coz he is scared be asked about it.

    and so what if we’re filipinos, at least we’re not too black like them 😛

  2. kilyawan79 says:

    Floyd is a racist no doubt. He with his father Sr., and uncle Roger even enjoyed making discriminatory & insulting remarks on others. They accuse another of drug use when they are the ones convicted of drug trafficking. We all protest and boycott any of Floyd’s upcoming fights and PPV’s. A disrespectful & foul-mouthed like him doesn’t deserve our money. Boycott the racist!

  3. Jesus says:

    Manny needs to quit being a little girl and take the blood test.. if you have nothing to hide, then quit being a baby. Then let him prove Mayweather wrong, which won’t happen IMO. =]

  4. russell says:

    Filipinas rock!!! I am married to one. Greatest thing I have ever done!!!

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