Fight Chix in Spencer’s!

We’re in U.S. Spencer’s stores!!

This month we are being tested at Spencer’s Stores in the US. They are only testing one shirt and we can’t publish the locations—but if anyone is interested I will be happy to email them the locations! This is the break we’ve been looking for to help grow the female side of MMA and continue to empower women worldwide. If you find the hidden shirt, buy it and send us a picture with the receipt and we will send you out another shirt free!

Here is the shirt you are hunting for….

This is nothing but phenomenal news – Fight Chix is now in Spencers! Granted this is only a test run, this is a reminder of how far we’ve come. I get teary eyed thinking of the sacrifices we’ve made, partnering with the wrong greedy people, and still pushing positivity knowing that this is something we love to do. I feel honored and blessed to be a part of the Fight Chix team since 2007. With that being said, here are some oldie yet goodie photos. Cheers, to Fight Chix!

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