GYEAH! You read that right. My best friend, Drea, is going to be featured on E! Entertainment this weekend. Drea is a Trashy Lingerie model and the lead singer in the NEW Trashy Lingerie Burlesque troop known as The Trashy Girls. They are making their debut on Halloween night at Club Kress in Hollywood.

Yesterday, after Drea and I worked out and hiked up Runyon Canyon she received the call with the news. Right away we went straight to Kura Sushi to celebrate with some sake. Apparently, E! Entertainment is going to interview her in regards to the new Trashy Girls and show their performance on national television. How freakin’ cool is that!

Ever since Drea and I met and became best friends in choir class in high school, I always knew she was gonna be in a star. She has worked so hard for this. Her body is in amazing shape, her dancing is on point, and her singing is the fucking shit! Everyone and their mama is going to be blown away. I seen her lingerie outfit she is wearing for their performance and it is HOT! I wanted to BeenUp2 a picture with her in it, but then I thought I’d wait for everyone to see it…. it’s super sexy!

I’m gonna try to record everything I can with my camera, but there’s gonna be cameras everywhere. I want to video tape it for my first video blog but my camera only records up to one minute. I gotta find a friend who would let me borrow their video camera for the night. Dammit!

Anyway, I’m super duper excited and can’t wait for tomorrow. I know I’m probably gonna have tears in my eyes because I know her career is going to take off and this is something she has been working for… this is her dream!

So make sure you all keep your eyes peeled on E! Entertainment this weekend. YAY!


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  1. Jake says:

    AWESOME NEWS DREA! It couldn’t happen to a nicer person—you time is now!

  2. chcrichiebc says:

    DREA CONGRATULATIONS!!! We Are very PROUD OF YA! i agree with jake “it couldn’t happen to a nicer person”

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