Beat Freaks on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Tonight!

Please watch this seasons America’s Best Dance Crew and VOTE for Beat Freaks.

I’ve known these girls for a while obviously because my ex-boyfriend, JD is a dancer and is a Groovaloo. Most of these girls are Groovaloos just as some members from the Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w were too. I keep in contact with Maryss from Paris cause she is my girl and my BBM buddy. You’d think she is white but in reality she is Filipino. She can speak better Tagalog than most Filipino Americans I know lol. I used to see these girls all the time when JD and I were together. That’s what sucked about the break up… all of his friends are really good people and the best dancers in the industry, I never get to see them anymore… and I do miss them 🙁

I can honestly say that I haven’t really watched America’s Best Dance Crew. I’ve probably only seen maybe two shows. This will be the first season I will be completely dedicated to cause Beat Freaks will be blowing the world away.

Beat Freaks is an all-girl crew from California. The original crew has 8 members: Al’Star, Lady Jules, Lockn’Key, Maryss from Paris, Out There, Rino, Teresa Espinosa, Shorty; the DOPEST female dancers in the industry. Their resumes can speak for itself. If you can imagine the NBA All Star Basketball team with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, and Yao Ming… these girls are equivalent to them but in the dance industry. I’m really excited for all of them. They are surrounded by positive people and the greatest energy. I know they are gonna take it… I hope you’re all ready for it!

Beat Freaks…

Please check them out at:

Get em Girls!


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