UFC Asia ASN: What if they had…

Now that UFC signed a distribution deal with Asian ASN what if they had UFC Philippines? Kinda like they have UFC Espanol…

Filipino’s love fighting. We get it from our ancestors who fought Spanish conquistadors using sticks and knives which formed the Filipino Martial Art, Eskrima.

It’d be great to see UFC Philippines. Especially to help promote UFC pinoy fighters like Brandon Vera, Mark Munoz, Phillipe Nover, etc. You guys seen how prideful we are when it comes to Manny Pacquiao… I would love to see it happen with Filipino MMA fighters too. Just sayin…

My hair braiding skills for Urijah Faber’s Amp Energy Commercial

I never thought I’d be a hair stylist for Urijah Faber’s Amp Energy Commercial but it looks like I was lol. Those braids are all me baby! Braided those cornrows nice and tight for the purpose to keep his hair out his face. For now, I am 2-1 for his fight braids. I hope we’ll be 3-1 for his next WEC fight against Jose Aldo.

Urijah is an animal and carries every trait of a champion even when he lost against Mike Brown. He’s pretty much the face of WEC, as he should be. He’s marketable, the smartest fighter I know (that’s big right?), and has an outstanding attitude towards life. I wish everyone could have a chance to get to know the guy. I’m very proud of him and all his accomplishments. He represents California so well. Give it up for the California Kid doing big thangs!

Check out Urijah’s Amp Energy Commercial!

Pic after I braided Urijah’s hair.

Come celebrate with me and Mark Munoz at J Lounge March 6th!

UFC Pinoy fighter, Mark Munoz’s grand opening for his new gym Reign Training Center is on March 13, 2010. Before we do so, we’re celebrating his gym launch at J Lounge with Usual Suspects LA and Blended Events Saturday March 6th, 2010. So come through and support!

Don’t forget to watch Mark Munoz fight Kendall Grove at UFC 112 on Pay Per View April 10th, 2010. It’s gonna be a good one! Mark and Kendall are both phenomenal fighters. This is a great match up for both of them. They both come from an outstanding wrestling background. I can’t wait to see both of them on the ground. With Munoz training at the Black House with the Nogueira brothers and Grove’s experience in the octagon. This is gonna be a good one. So stay tuned and watch it!

Floyd Mayweather is racist towards Filipinos!

After Floyd Mayweather just pulled the biggest dick tuck in boxing history by declining the fight against Manny Pacquiao, he pulls this! This is proof that Mayweather and his camp are just straight HATERS from the get, IMO. Philippine media BANNED from interviewing Floyd Mayweather Jr. at LA Press Con

Read the article pares! They turned down long time Filipino sportscaster Chino Trinidad because of his ethnicity! That’s straight RACISM! This isn’t the first time Mayweather was racist towards Chino too.

IMO, Mayweather can go suck a fat one for this. It’s one to go there to the public and say Pacquiao is on steroids… it’s another to turn down a reporter because of his race. Just like Chino said ‘this is a SLAP IN THE FACE to all Filipinos’. So I write this to spread the word throughout the Filipino MMA Community… Floyd Mayweather is racist towards Filipinos!

Kababayan all day every day.

Happy late New Year!

As you can see I’ve given my site a little face lift. I haven’t even blogged all year!  With that being said, Happy (late) New Year!  Out with the old and in with the new.  I’m just testing this post to see if it reaches to my social networking sites.

I plan on writing a blog soon on TUF 11.

I’m still working the kinks to my new site.  I can’t wait to get on the ball and start blogging again.

Thanks to those of you who still stay posted.