My MMA Holiday Wishlist 2009!

These are things that I think look cute and are definitely on my 2009 Holiday wish list… and Santa said I’ve been a good girl this year =)

1. Queen Hoody – Fight Chix
I’m not saying this because I am a spoke smodel for Fight Chix but this hoody is too cute and sporty. It has fur inside and is comfy. I love it. It’s on my wish list because it’s a must have for every woman who is a fan of MMA.

2. Vertigo Henley long sleeve Black – TapouT
The cut of this shirt is cute. I love the buttons to unbutton and show the cleavage I don’t have! lol But really… it will fit the body right and that’s why it’s on my wish list.

3. Radical Board Shorts – Punishment Athletics
There is something about these shorts that express to me comfy which is why I have it on my wish list. It just screams out ‘cook in these shorts’ to me lol.

4. Empower Thermal – Fight Chix
This is a must have thermal for winter. It is sexy and has Empower on it. It’s exactly what women stand for… Empowerment!

5. Philippine Walkout – Jaco Clothing
Jaco Clothing is newer to the MMA scene this year, but definitely caught my eye when they sponsored Brandon Vera. I would be walking a proud pinay wearing this shirt.

6. iGrapple shirt – MMA Warehouse
When I did the Their Fight Is Our Fight event, MMA Warehouse was one of our sponsors and they donated this shirt for us to raffle and giveaway. Ever since I saw it, I thought it was super cute and very creative… just something I had to have. I’d love to rock this shirt by cutting off the top to show some shoulder and do it 80’s style 🙂

7. Lono sunglasses – Vandal Eyewear
I already have the Kai version of Vandal Eyewear, but when I saw these I knew they were a must have. They have spring time written all over it. Cute for driving to a shooting for GymPass in traffic lol.

8. Mabuhay tee – Toe 2 Toe
This shirt makes me feel good inside. It was created for a good cause and I’d love to have another one to wear because the one that I have is signed by everyone who participated in the charity event. Pinoys represent!

9. BJ Penn Hat – BJ PENN
I am such a hat girl. I love rockin’ hats with hoop earrings. I grew up in the 80s and love the look. When they showed the red BJ Penn hat on my episode of GymPass at the RVCA gym with BJ Penn, I had to have it. Plus, red is my favorite color.

10. Brad Tavares – MMA Fighter

He is a fighter from Hawaii that is hella fine, 22 years old and taken. I’d like to have him single and 5 years older than his age now lol. I’ve been good this year, Santa. Can you warp us into a time zone before he met his girlfriend when I saw him grapple in that no-gi tournament in Hawaii? haha

I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Season this year!

P.S. I know I’ve been a little naughty but super nice. Santa, please get me my Holiday wish list this year! 😉

UFC 107 could not have been possible without Ed Clay!

I know the blog title may sound quite odd, but Ed Clay is a prominent figure and one of the first pioneers of MMA in Tennessee. He is the owner of Gameness and was the first to hire a lobbyist to help legalize MMA in Tennessee. After fighting for over four years, we now had UFC 107 in Memphis, Tennessee…. and boy it sure was an amazing card!

I know Ed wasn’t alone to help legalize MMA in Tennessee, but it sure is nice to see people like him who will do anything to help this sport grow. He needs be be recognized for his hard work and dedication to MMA.

Thanks, Ed… my mentor and one of my best friends.

Wanna win a BJ PENN RVCA Gift Pack?

Details are on

All you have to do to enter is copy and paste one of the following links from GymPass with Miss Rara as a status post to your Facebook, Myspace or Ning profile.

After you’ve posted the link please send us a message on my GymPass with Miss Rara profile with a link to where you’ve posted the link and you’ll be entered to win a BJ Penn gift pack from RVCA.

It’s that easy! 🙂

GymPass with Miss Rara – Legends MMA

Chris Reilly gave me a tour of Legends MMA in Hollywood, CA…. and yes there are stripper poles!

You’ll see familiar faces like Chuck Liddell, Dan Hardy, & Eddie Bravo. The ending is pretty funny…


GymPass with Miss Rara

I’m so happy and pleased to announce… from Executive Producer Doug Deluca (MTV’s Bully Beatdown & Jimmy Kimmel Live), Lesher Marketing Group, and BJ Penn… I present to you GymPass with Miss Rara 🙂

Check out BJ Penn giving me a tour of his RVCA training facility in Costa Mesa, CA. Bonus clips include exclusive interviews from his training camp.

We are going to continue to tour MMA gyms from all over. Tomorrow we will post a tour of Legends MMA Training Center in Hollywood, CA. So stay tuned!