I Interviewed MTV’s ABDC’s Super Cr3w rockin my Toe2Toe jacket!

Super Cr3w from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew came to Stockton as Cali Junkiez and Run 209 welcomed them. It’s a good thing I knew Do-Knock from Super Cr3w, he was able to rally up the guys for me. I interviewed them and asked each dancer how their stay was in Stockton 209 and of course had to ask them if they watched MMA and if so who was their favorite fighter. They are a bunch of Goofballs and yelled out Ryu and Ken. One said Chuck Liddell and Mike is an MMA fan and said Fedor Emelianenko. When I get the footage I’ll post it on my site.

Me rockin my Toe2Toe jacket interviewing Super Cr3w

Vote for Miss Arianny Celeste!

Hey everyone!

Please vote for my good friend and UFC ring girl Miss Arianny Celeste for Las Vegas Top Model 2009!


Click on the image to vote too…


My best friend had her baby…

My best friend, Melissa, from back home in Stockton had her third baby boy yesterday. This is the reason why I traveled to Stockton for this joyous occasion. I’ve been there when her two other boys were born and I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world.

Marcus Christian Sanchez
Born: January 12, 2009
Time: 12:20pm
Weight: 8lbs. 10oz.
Height: 19 1/2 inches

I can’t wait to hold him…

Imma new Auntie Rara… I’m so excited to hold him. 🙂

Almost 4 hours old and already snoring on Auntie Rara. I wish you could hear his snore… Its so cute!

Spiderman spotted at Carls Jr Jr!

OMG… I crack up so hard when I look at this picture. Today I was driving down Sunset Blvd and saw Spiderman at Carls Jr Jr! Yes, you read that right it says “Carls Jr Jr” and that is Spiderman HAHA! I hella had to BeenUp2 it.


Crush on You…

Out of nowhere I started to sing this song and Drea looked at me like ‘WTF where did that come from?’ lol. So I felt like bringing it back by blogging about it.

I was 4 or 5 years old when this song came out. Whatchu know about The Jets? haha