Merry Christmas!

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Last night my family opened gifts at 5:00am. My parents and I were waiting for my brother and sister to get home so that we could open our gifts. My Mom didn’t want to wait till Christmas day because our other relatives would be at the house and she didn’t want to be rude and open gifts in front of them. It was an immediate family gift opening session. My favorite part of opening our gifts was when my brother got his present lol.

It’s not what it seems…

He was fooled LOL…

… and in the box was a card HAHA! I love my brother…

In the card was a picture of a phone; IOU for a new phone. Since he is here in town we can go with him to pick out his new phone. 🙂

I got what I wanted for Christmas. Santa said I was good this year hehe.

Right now I am enjoying my time with my family. I just fried bangus and squid. The unagi just got out of the oven and I am gonna get my grub on and enjoy the rest of my day with my family…

Merry Christmas to you all!

♥ Tamara

Affliction’s Christmas Party…

Tracy came in from Las Vegas and came straight to my house to get ready for Affliction’s Christmas party at Kress in Hollywood. As soon as we were done getting ready we headed straight to the club. We were almost there when I realized I left my business cards at home. Good thing I only live like two miles away from the club lol. Tracy turned around so that I could grab my business cards. We arrived at Kress at 9pm.

Affliction was handing out gift bags. I took one and then brought it back downstairs to the Christmas tree because I didn’t want to carry it all night. Tracy told me that too as soon as I picked one up. I should have listened to her first lol. There was a Skinnie Magazine inside, some stickers and flyers, and an Affliction shirt.

They had an open hosted bar serving this vodka called Nuvo (I think that’s how you spell it). I had three orange juice and Nuvo’s and they were great! ha! While mingling at the bar I got to meet a couple of people from Affliction. Tracy and I noticed Josh Barnett walking in and we stopped to say Hi to him. He kept talking about his favorite Filipino foods like pancit and adobo. It brought the biggest smile to my face. He has such a great presence about him. I really can’t wait to see him fight again.

Tracy and I…

There were a lot of IMMAE’s clients there obviously a bunch of people from the MMA industry was there. Skinnie Magazine was one of the parties sponsors and we are one of their clients. It was nice to run into a lot of familiar faces that I haven’t seen since our last event like Ryan from OTM and Ben from ADX. As soon as the third floor was getting packed people were stressing off of getting the VIP wristbands for access to the rooftop. I started to stress too cause Jaycee was taking forever to get to Kress and I was worried by the time he got there the VIP wristbands would be all gone.

Me and Ryan from OTM

By the time Jaycee and his friend Avo got there, Razor Rob McCullough and Ken Pavia got there too. So I quickly bbm’ed Tracy to get some VIP bands from Tom Atencio. They were all on the list, they just weren’t letting them in because of the wristband issue. Needless to say everyone got in.

It took forever for the elevator to come down and while we were waiting Tracy snapped this photo…

Affliction Christmas Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

There were so many fighters and people from the MMA industry the entire rooftop was packed. Good thing I had extra drink tickets haha… and good thing Tracy doesn’t drink either cause she gave me hers lol. We found ourselves having good conversations with Jason Mayhem Miller and Jaime Fletcher. By this time I must have had 8 drinks… On our way out we stopped by to say Bye and Thank You to Tom Atencio and took a quick picture.

Me and Jikka Jaycee rockin’ our scarfs to the club lol

Affliction Christmas Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Jaime Fletcher, Avo, Jaycee, and I.

Affliction Christmas Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Jaycee, Me, Tom Atencio, and Antonio McKee

Affliction Christmas Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

I was surprised because all that alcohol didn’t hit me much. When we left Tracy and I hit up Del Taco for some 99 cent Chicken Soft Tacos! Mmmmm… I don’t know what it is about those tacos, but they always do it for me after the club lol. It wasn’t until I got home the alcohol started to hit me. By the time I got home I ate my tacos, bbm’ed Jaycee to make sure he got home safely, and then I passed out. I woke up the next day with a huge headache and found myself working out at Runyon Canyon with Drea to sweat it out.

But the Christmas party was fun. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while…

Frank Shamrock’s 12 Days of Christmas on MMA with Yac and J on

I hope you guys enjoy this! 🙂

Happy Holidays from Frank Shamrock the Yac and J Crew…

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Gameness Fighting Championships in Nashville Tennessee with Ed Clay

I’m sorry it took me so long to post this blog about my trip to Nashville Tennessee for the Gameness Fighting Championships…

Me and Ed Clay, one of my most favorite people on this planet!

Anyway, I had an awesome amazing time with Ed Clay of Gameness in Nashville. It’s not that often I get to spend time with him and when we do we just have the best times. He has a new girlfriend… excuse me… He has a new HOT ass girlfriend Britni, and I couldn’t wait to meet her. In Nashville, I got to eat at the Cracker Barrel, Whitts, The Waffle House, and Shoney’s. 🙂 Once I got to the Gameness gym I couldn’t believe how big it was. While they were weighing in the fighters there were classes going on. I couldn’t help but to notice the kids grappling class. There was this cute little 7 year old Asian boy rolling and I couldn’t help but to think that one day if my kids aren’t bomb ass soccer players like their mom, they will be some dope ass grapplers. 😉

Not only does Ed Clay own Gameness and hella real estate, he owns the Irish pub called Dan McGuinness in Nashville. Their potatoe soup is bomb! We ended up there the first night I got in and I was tired as shit.

Fight day, Tracy Lee flew in from North Carolina because she was covering the UFC’s Fighting for the Troops event for CombatLifetsyle (Read her blog The Most Brutal Night of Fights Ever: Fight for the Troops). I met up with her at the Cracker Barrel for some breakfast… the food was BOMB! I wish they had one of those out here in California. The minute we got back to Ed’s place we both knocked out for a nap. I probably slept 12 hours that day lol.

My meal at the Cracker Barrel

We wanted to rock Gameness apparel to the fight and didn’t have any. So we found ourselves packing Britni’s two seater car all the way to the Gameness Warehouse. As we were leaving it started to rain ice pellets. I was sooo excited and felt like a little girl because I never get to witness weather like that… I’m a California girl! As I was saying “Ohhh cool!” Tracy and Britni were like “Not so cool!” lol. We were starving and went through a Whitt’s drive through. Gotta love that country fast food LOL. We hurried back to Ed’s to eat and to and get ready, by the time we walked out the house it was snowing and we were in a snow storm (Yes, and still packing into this two seater car lol).

Gameness Fights: Before – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Me in the snow!

Excited to be in the snow!

Gameness Fights: Before – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

I love this picture! Britni, Tracy, and I… yes in the snow! 🙂

Gameness Fights: Before – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

The Gameness ring girls

Gameness Fights: The Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

At the fight I found myself playing Leslie Britton, the ‘Octagon Mom’ for the UFC. I was directing the ring girls on when to enter the ring with the right ring card, making sure the cornermen were out of the way when they exited lol. I gotta make sure Ed Clay’s ring girls look good, ya know! 😉 There were 8 amateur fights and 3 pro exhibitions fights. The fights were awesome! I was surprised by the talent they had in Tennessee. When I walked outside I seen Ed Clay’s Gameness bus… they had TV’s outside and on the side of the bus! Go ED!

Ed’s dope ass Gameness bus

Gameness Fights: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Me and Miss Tracy Lee

Gameness Fights: The Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

The sign says it all

Gameness Fights: The Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

JoeVIP from the UG

Gameness Fights: The Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

After the fight we packed the Gameness bus and headed to the club. The club owner was the only Asian person that I met the entire time I was out there lol. I was hoping I’d run into an Asian Southern Asian boy. An Asian man with that southern hospitality is always something that interested me…. hrmmm maybe one day lol.

Hey look… it’s an Asian in Nashville other than me! haha

Gameness Fights: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Britni and I with Mistah Clay

Gameness Fights: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Ed, Me, Tracy, and Britni

Gameness Fights: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

After the club we all went to the Waffle House and made ruckus. All I know is that the Chocolate Pie was bomb and off the chains. If only we had a Waffle House in LA… 🙂

Me and my Chocolate Pie from the Waffle House

The next day Ed took Britni and I to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. OMG it is such a beautiful place to be. It kinda reminded me of Las Vegas with all the lights and decorations inside the hotel. The only thing is that you didn’t hear slot machines 24/7 and smelled smoke in the air. After that we ended up at Dan McGuinness again. We were there till 4AM having a good time and took a taxi back home… that’s how much fun we were having.

Opryland Hotel

I wish I could have stayed and spent more time with Ed but I had to head back to LA plus he was on his way to Costa Rica to celebrate Britni’s birthday. I am very proud of Ed and the whole Gameness team for putting on such a great first time event. It was such a success! Their next one is February 14th in Nashville Tennessee. I’m hoping to go and maybe bring my Valentine lol. For more information on the Gameness Fighting Championships visit Also for all of Tracy’s blogs and pics from the trip, peep her blog Tennesse’s first Legal MMA Event.

P.S. I ♥ You Mistah Clay! Thank you for everything. Your friendship means so much to me. Thank you for your constant support throughout everything I’ve been through these past few years, especially with IMMAE and JD. Cheers to 2009! *hugs*

♥ “Super T”