Out with the old and in with the new…

Thank God this year is over. I can’t wait for 2009!

Out with the old and in with the new! Gosh I feel like I’ve been through so much this year. I’ve learned so much about myself probably more than I ever have. I finally let go of JD, someone I’ve cared for for almost four years, and let me tell you it is such a relief! If you’ve followed me with my blogs I used to write about him and his drunk dials, his selfishness that brought me down, and me accidentally calling him Jaycee that pissed him off lol. Well, I received an apology email from JD the day after Thanksgiving and didn’t respond. Things are better left unsaid… and after seeing him at the club a few weeks ago and not feeling anything for him I realized that the chapter of him in my life is finally over. I used to think he was the most sexiest man in the world and after seeing him I thought to myself ‘Eww… what the fuck was I thinking?’ He was such a great learning experience I wouldn’t change anything. Well no, I take that back… I wish I could change the way I look at him because I don’t think I could ever respect him again. Its pretty sad to look at someone you used to admire in such a negative way. And don’t get me wrong I’ve made my mistakes too and with him I learned that in life there are no guarantees and shit happens.

When I look back on 2008 I feel like it was definitely my year. I’ve got to travel all over the country and I partied like I’ve never partied before… and me and my partners put on the most successful IMMAE show we’ve ever had. When I think of 2009, I get excited and think about how much I want to make shit happen especially with my career and goals. In the beginning of 2008 Drea and I wrote down everything we wanted to accomplish this year. We posted it up in our bathroom so that every day we would see what we wanted to accomplish… and sure enough we accomplished 90% of what we wrote down. It’s about believing in yourself and visualizing what you want and applying yourself and being productive about it.

Every year I become more grateful for the lessons I’ve learned to make me a better person and to continue to strive to succeed. I have the best parents in the world that have been together for 38 years; high school sweethearts. My brother and sister and cousins will always be the best blessing I’ll ever have… and Drea too. Not only is she my best friend, she is my sister too. My family is my backbone, they are always there to remind me to continue to have my faith in God. No matter how bad things got this year, getting over those obstacles and looking back is always well worth the prayer that was said.

With all that being said, Happy New Year to you and yours and always remember everything happens for a reason and no matter how bad things have gotten in 2008, it could have been worse and things will always get better. Continue to believe in yourself and always have faith in God.

I’m blessed and you are too.

Out with the old and in with the new… Cheers to 2009!

Nakedness Day…

I’ve never felt sooo naked before in my life!

It’s amazing on how much we depend on our phones everyday. Yesterday, Jaycee and I hit up Bahay Kubo for some Filipino food and then picked up Won and headed to the Fashion District. As soon as I BeenUp2’ed the photo of Won and Jaycee my phone received the error. My Blackberry bugged out on me and said ‘App Error 205’. I couldn’t use my phone at all… and I was out all day. Never again will I ever update my Blackberry with an update that At&t sent out… errr!

Needless to say, I felt naked all day without being able to make or receive calls, use the internet, be on blackberry messenger, check and receive emails…. OMG it was all bad.

After the Fashion District we went to the At&t store and they couldn’t help me out with my phone, but at least I know I can upgrade on January 26th HAHA! Blackberry Bold here I come lol. They gave me an address to a store in Torrence that replaced Blackberrys and they closed at 9pm. So I dropped off Won and Jikka and headed straight to Torrence in traffic. I waited for an hour before I was helped, but at least I am set and good to go now. Its a good thing I backed up all of my information or else I would have been screwed.

My advice:
*Do not download the new At&t Bold update for the curve. It has errors.
*Always backup your information

Thank God I didn’t have to re-add everyone on Blackberry Messenger… Whew!

… and that was my Nakedness day hehe.

My New Years Giveaway!

Contest Rules
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January 31st, 2009 11:59 PST. At which time, I will choose my top ten favorite and create a 24-hour vote thread to determine the top three winners.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

P.S. You must be a member of www.MixedMartialArts.com. If you aren’t you could sign up… it’s free! 🙂

UFC 92 With My Family

Yesterday, I went out with my family for some dim sum and shopping. I forgot to charge my phone and after I BeenUp2’ed my dim sum photo my phone died. We didn’t get home for a while and I was stressing because I didn’t know where were were going to watch the UFC 92 fight. I asked my Dad the day before if we could order the fight and he said No, but when I asked him the day of fight and gave him the “Please Daddy…” with the pouty face he didn’t say No, he said “Ask your Mom” HAHA! I love my parents. You’d think after 26 years the pouty face wouldn’t work, but I’m the baby out of my brother and sister… and I still get what I want. HAHA! 😉

As soon as we ordered the fight I called my cousins and my sisters boyfriend to let them know we ordered the fight, and I called them from my Moms phone cause my phone was still dead. My Mom didn’t have my sisters boyfriends number in her phone and she does now! lol. Everyone was excited. This UFC 92 card is the best of 2008 by far!

Since we were having company over and my Mom needed to bring a dish to a get together we made Fried Wontons. Fried Wontons is one of my Moms signature dishes and I was excited to make it cause I haven’t made it in a long time.

Getting started on my Fried Wontons

I’m the best Wonton wrapper lol

Fried Wontons all done

These Fried Wontons were BOMB! They were all gone by the end of the night.

Normally on any given UFC in Las Vegas I would be there, but I stayed in Stockton after the Holiday because it’s my sisters birthday and last year I didn’t stay and went to UFC 79. I think next year I’ll just get tickets for the whole family so we can be at the fights together because this experience being with them during a fight was AWESOME!

We had a lot of people over my Moms house watching the fight and all the yelling and screaming at the TV and in each others face was sooooo much fun LOL! My sister and her boyfriend had a bet going during the Forrest vs Rashad fight. Whoever wins gets a weeks Worth of massages. My sister lost cause she was rooting for Forrest LOL. During Nog vs Mir I was rooting for Nog and my cousin Roger was rooting for Mir and we were sitting next to each other talking shit. OMG but I was the happiest person in the whole house when Rampage won his fight. The last time I saw him was probably a month or so ago in Hollywood and he said that his training at Wolfslair was going really good and he felt ready and is getting more mentally prepared for his fight against Wandy. I am sooooo proud of him…. RAMPAGE IS BACK YALL!

Anyway, nothing can compare to watching MMA with my family…

After the fights we went to Club Envy where it was crackin’. I never seen Club Envy crackin’ in Stockton and last night it was insane! My cousin Roger was deejaying and as always I had a blast with my family.

DJ RS1 aka my cousin Roger 🙂

My brother and sister… I love them more than anything!

… and that was my UFC 92 experience with my family!

Thanks for the awesome card, Zuffa!

Mark Wahlberg rocks the Pacman Knows Nike shirt at the Lakers game

When I went to the private Manny Pacquiao Nike event I bought this tee shirt for my Dad, Brother, and Sister for Christmas.

Today my sister’s boyfriend, Jace, said that Mark Wahlberg was rockin’ the shirt I bought my sister at the Lakers game last night. Sure enough I googled it and BAM!

Mark Wahlberg Shows The Lakers Some Love

I thought it was pretty dope! 🙂 Mark Wahlberg will be forever OK in my book. 😉

I looked online and the shirts are about $90 to $100 because it was a limited edition shirt. Thank God I got it for $20! hehe 🙂