My Sunday in Vegas after UFC 91

Ahhh I’m so sorry for blogging so late.

My UFC 91 weekend Sunday was so much fun! Tracy and I always have this tradition that whenever I’m in Las Vegas we always do Dim Sum, so sure enough as soon as we woke up we got our grub on at our Dim Sum spot. After that we headed on over the the Victory Belt Publishing house to witness the photo shoot of Forrest Griffin’s new book. How dope was that! I got to see Forest Griffin take step by step photos of an armbar, kimora, and triangle choke. 🙂

Throughout their huge house Jaycee and I found ourselves playing video games, pool, and fooseball. We tied in foosball but he’d argue to that lol. I lost in pool but only because the pool table was lopsided, if it wasn’t I know I would have kicked his butt. 😉

Misc Pics – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

We then later met up with our friend Siloh and his girlfriend for some coffee and a little chit chat regarding business. As much as I know we would have all probably talked all night long, Jaycee and I had to leave because we had to get ready for Mike Goldberg’s private party.

UFC 91: Goldberg’s 100th Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

UFC 91: Goldberg’s 100th Show – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Mike Goldburg’s wife and friends put together a private party to celebrate his 100th show with the UFC. I do have to say it was such a beautiful event. Bruce Buffer gave a wonderful toast to Goldie and once Goldie took the microphone the whole party was filled with laughter and tears. I almost cried when Goldie gave his respect and honor to his great friend Randy Couture. They say behind every great man is a great woman and for both of their wives to be hot, support their husbands, and have the name Kim should tell you something right there. The party was awesome and filled Goldie’s close friends and family. One thing stuck out to me when Goldie said his speech, he said the reason why he continues to do his job was because of the Family the sport has brought him. And it’s true the MMA industry is family. So again… congrats on your 100th Show Goldie!

After Goldie’s party we headed to Lee’s Discount Liquors to drop off our good passenger buddy that has been driving with us all throughout Las Vegas, the keg! It was closed so we headed straight to the Palazzo to go to Lavo to meet up with Jaycee’s friends, DJ Vice etc. We got to the club at 11:30pm and left at 4:00am. We were having THAT much fun we didn’t even realize the club was closing HAHA! My gosh time flew by so fast at Lavo. Needless to say DJ Vice played that same Coldplay set that I fell in love with and again it made my night.

Jaycee and I found ourselves in the drive through at Del Taco. 99 cent chicken soft tacos seems to always be our thing and it definitely fulfilled my night.

The next day we slept in till practically 2pm. We went to go drop off the keg, meet up with Tracy, and then picked up Arianny before we headed back to LA. Both of them were knocked out driving back home. While we stopped at a gas station Arianny picked up this months Maxim Magazine cause she was in it for Maxim’s hometown hotties. So don’t forget to grab the magazine guys! 🙂

Anyway, the whole weekend was off the Chains!

My UFC 91 Fight Night of Partying…

So I already blogged about my Friday night, but I haven’t had a chance to blog about my Saturday and Sunday UFC 91 weekend. OMG we had sooooo much fun!

On Saturday, when I woke with my magically appeared blanket, I found out who stole it! But you readers are gonna have to read Tracy’s blog about it because it’s funny Combatlifestyle 1Year Anniversary Party PART 2: the Vegas Edition. The suite had alcohol and food EVERYWHERE! Crumbs and icing from the cake landed on the floor and on the tables. I spent the morning helping Tracy clean the suite. We packed up and somehow the keg ended up in my back seat. Dammit, I wish I would have took a picture of it. I even wrapped the seat belt around it lol. I had to have the keg in my car because I was the one who put down the $100 deposit for the tap, so the whole time we were in Vegas Jaycee and I were driving with the best passenger ever… the keg! and I don’t even drink beer lol.

We got ready and I dropped Jaycee off at his aunts house so he can spend time with his family and headed right on over to the MGM to meet up with Chris from the UG and his beautiful girlfriend. Wolfgang Pucks was bomb! I wanted to meet up with the Penn family but didn’t have time to. I was asking around everywhere if someone had an extra ticket for Jaycee… but no can do 🙁 The fight was completely sold out I felt horrible I couldn’t find him one.

The fights were awesome! Of course everyone was bummed out Randy Couture lost, but Kenny Florian had an outstanding performance, and the Aaron Riley and Jorge Grugel fight had to be one of the best fights I’ve ever seen live.

After the fights Jaycee met up with me at the MGM and somehow we ran into Conor Heun, Scott “Einstien” Epstein, Kevin Randleman and his girlfriend Elisabeth, Mark Coleman, and Mike Disabito and the rest of the MMA Authentics/Cage Fighter gang. Next thing you know we enter the MGM Mansion Estates. OMG, there was a secret door to get in this place and as soon as you walk up there is a guy dressed like the Men in Black escorting you into your mansion. Goodness gracious I ain’t ever seen a room like this! They had a bell boy, a butler, a indoor pool, hella alcohol and the bombest fried chicken ever lol.

I turned my head and seen JD Penn, Gary Levitt (BJ’s good friend and attorney), and BJ’s beautiful sister. YAY! No need to schedule a lunch meeting for Sunday, they were there! 🙂 I turned my head again and seen Miguel Torres, CB Dollaway, and Ryan Bader. I was playing around with Ryan and was like “Come on, you’re a TUF finalist aren’t you!”, and of course he wouldn’t say if he was or if he wasn’t but it was funny. I hit up Tracy and called Urijah to tell them to come through to the Mansion Suites. As I was giving Urijah directions to the ‘secret door’ my battery died. So I text him from Jaycee’s phone for him to call. When Urijah called again the first thing he said was “Hey, I heard you’re here with a guy. Tell him I’m gonna beat him up k Rara” HAHA! Of course Urijah was playing around and when I introduced them to each other Urijah tells Jaycee “Thanks for letting Rara use your phone man” 🙂

UFC 91: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

I was getting compliments on my red dress all night! 🙂

UFC 91: The Aftermath – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

It was good times at the Mansion party and as we looked at the time it was getting late. We had to rush to get ready and head on over to Studio 54. When we got to the club I grabbed my drink and turned my head to see Gabriel Gonzaga, Gina Carano, Tyson Griffin, Martin Kampman, Mike Pyle, Ken Pavia and everyone all having a good time. Gina grabbed my hand and were dancing on the dance floor like how we always do when we party together. Nothing but good times.

Tyson Griffin, Me, Jaycee, and Gina Carano

When Jaycee and I left Studio 54 to head on over to Tao we ran into Urijah with not one, not two, but three chicks. So if you’re wondering how Urijah is doing after his last fight… he is doing GREAT! lol.

At Tao, I walked over to Kenny Florian’s table to give him a hug to congratulate him and tell him how proud I was. He has to be the most improved fighter I’ve ever seen. He carries his heart like a champ, trains like a champ, and is respected like one. He deserves a shot at the title against BJ Penn and I can’t wait to see it.

Anyway, I found myself in the Deejay booth of Tao with like 5 other deejays whom were Jaycee’s friends (I guess all deejays know each other lol). The only name I remember is DJ Vice. He gave a shout out to ‘Jaycee from Power106’ and played the most sickest dopest Coldplay set I’ve ever heard in my life. He mixed it with some latin beat and all of a sudden my night was made. That killed it for me… I was in heaven.

We didn’t get back to Tracy’s till like 5am. After the club I had to make a stop at Sonics for one of their hotdogs LOL.

My dream of my late Grandmother…

My Grandma Lita passed away from lung cancer May 22nd, 2002 and since then has been my inspiration to succeed in life.

I just woke up from a nap from a dream that I had of my Grandmother… and I am in tears! I dreamt that I saw her and as I shouted “Hi Lola!” I noticed this beautiful purple barong dress that I had given her. I gave her a hug and told her I missed her so much… then I woke up. I called my Dad right away in tears sharing my dream with him.

I was taken back and so overwhelmed because the hug I had given her felt so real. The last time she visited me in a dream was when I graduated from college. I remember when she was on her death bed she told me to promise her to finish school before I ever got married… and I did. Out of her 6 grandchildren I am the only one to have a college education. I kept my promise to her and when I graduated I was so sad that she wasn’t there to celebrate with me. The day before graduation I went to her grave with my Mom and my Dad to visit her and tell her that I did it. I remember crying in tears as Me, my Mom, and my Dad said a prayer for her. That following night she appeared in my dream for like 5 seconds. It was just an image of her in her favorite anchor shirt she wore all the time lol. She appeared in my dream to let me know she was there with me and it was very comforting.

I miss her and I’m happy to know she is still with me to this day. Maybe she came to visit me because the holidays are coming up. Or maybe she came to visit me because I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately. Especially since Jaycee brought me back a Jade bracelet from Taiwan (and he didn’t even know Jade touches a soft spot for me lol). Jade always makes me think of her because she was always proud to be half Chinese and made sure everyone knew that not only was she Filipina… she was Chinese too. 🙂

I guess we always have deceased loved ones that we dream about from time to time and tonight was definitely one of those nights for me.

I love you Lola… I know you’re resting in peace. Classic Tee for sale!

I logged into today and saw my face on the front page lol.

The Underground Classic Tee’s are for sale!!!

If some of you don’t understand why the T-shirt doesn’t say ‘’ is because before the site was it was A lot of the old schoolers and hard core MMA fans know about it.

So don’t delay… go cop your Classic Tee. 🙂

P.S. I’m still going to blog about my UFC 91 weekend. Arianny, Jaycee, and I got back into LA last night like around 11pm and I’m pooped… but don’t worry I got a lot of great things to blog about HAHA! 😉

CombatLifestyle’s One Year Anniversary Suite Party


That’s all I have to say.

Yesterday, Jaycee and I took a road trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Tracy Lee’s One Year Anniversary with CombatLifestyle. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Tracy works her ass off and for her being one of my best friends I wanted to make sure she had everything under control and offered her a helping hand.

We left LA at 12:45 hoping to get to Las Vegas in time for weigh ins at 4pm, but that didn’t happen. There was soooo much traffic we didn’t get there till around 6ish. As soon as we got there we met up with Tracy at Lee’s Discount Liquors to grab the keg and ice. Good thing we had Jaycee around to lift that thing cause I sure the hell wasn’t gonna do it lol.

We rushed straight to Planet Hollywood where Tracy had a Suite. We unloaded our luggage and quickly started to set everything up. There was sooooo much alcohol and food it was ridiculous. People didn’t start showing up till 10pm and then next thing you know the whole suite was packed. As I was taking a picture of Jaycee and Joe Rogan I leaned on the couch and hella bit it. It was soooo funny. Tracy even caught a photo of it. Everyone was having a good time! One Year PRE Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

(I LMAO everytime I see this pic. I barely leaned on the couch and fell. Plus, I had Jaycee’s camera in my hand and my blackberry, club wristbands, and the camera case in the other hand) One Year PRE Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife One Year PRE Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

I was already intoxicated heading to Studio 54. We went there first before Prive because Arianny was hosting a party there. I was completely hammered! I was so hammered I found myself throwing up in the bathroom. Poor Jaycee had to escort my ass back Planet Hollywood to the suite. Next thing you know I’m passed out on this huge ass bed and Tracy comes jumping on the bed “You missed out on Prive.. everyone was there!” I told her that I was sorry I was too drunk to make it lol. Then all these people appeared in the suite again. It must have been 4am and people were still in the suite having a good time.

I passed back out then woke up again because someone stole our blanket. Here I am on this huge ass suite bed cold as hell and had no blanket! I went to my bag and grabbed my socks and while I was at it I saw two bath robes. I quickly grabbed them and put one over Jaycee and myself furious someone stole our blanket lol. Then when I woke up the blanket magically appeared back on us again.

All I can say is that I’m hung over and embarrassed Jaycee had to take care of my drunk ass after how many times he has already seen me drunk lol. *smacks forehead*

Good times in good ol Vegas!

I can’t wait for tonight.