My Thanksgiving with my family…

Who doesn’t love family time? I absolutely love it!

On Thursday, I stopped by my best friend Melissa’s house for their Thanksgiving lunch. I love her family and her sons and her sister’s kids too. We’ve been best friends for many years so her family is like family to me. After I ate I did what I normally do when I go over there… take a nap on her couch! HAHA It’s funny cause they already knew I’d pass out on their couch.

Later on in the evening I stopped by my Dad’s side where my entire family was there… well actually not everyone was there, but this side of my family is HUGE! Here is a picture and keep in mind this photo doesn’t include the right and left hand side of the couch.

While all my nieces and nephew and cousins were running around everywhere we were watching TFC haha. We were watching the Filipino Fear Factor… omg some funny stuff. Then as soon as our Lola said we could change the channel all the cousins were watching 8 Mile haha. It felt good when my uncles were all talking to me about MMA and the UFC and which fighter is their favorite fighter. I had to educate them on the up and coming Pinoy fighters so they can keep a look out. Us Filipinos are always proud of our heritage and support our fellow Filipinos. 🙂

On Friday, my family had our Thanksgiving. I woke up and found myself helping my Mom clean the dishes and prepare for our Thanksgiving feast. My niece and God daughter, Tayondee was such a great big helper. She is only 4 years old and all that came out of her mouth was “I wanna help… I wanna cook.” I guess it just runs in the family haha. Every woman in my family cooks. I had Tayondee help me make the sauce for the lumpia and had her pour the vinegar and soy sauce into my container of chopped garlic. Then I had her help me separate the wrapper for the lumpia. She was such a great big help. My cousin, Manang Dawn taught her how to wrap her very first lumpia. We were all so proud. It’s such a great feeling to teach her something that is a part of our heritage and or culture. Wrapping lumpia is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I look forward to it every year with my family. It’s such a great bond to have and to share it with our next generation made it even better. I can’t wait to see how great of a lumpia wrapper Tayondee will be next year. 🙂

We had hella food and since everyone in my family are cooks… the food was BOMB! This year I lead our Thanksgiving prayer…

I left with my Auntie Adrianne to go to Chitivas. Her 25th year Edison High School reunion was there and Brian Samson graduated the same year as her. He kept saying he was gonna be there and then he makes a fashionably late entrance. I got on him for being a lagger. He better not be late for the party we are hosting together tonight! lol

After Chitivas I had my aunt drop me off at Club Envy where my cousin Roger was deejaying. Plus, it was our cousin Jonathan’s birthday too. When I got there they were both already intoxicated but I was very happy to see my cousin Tasia and Tiana with her husband there. I haven’t partied with Tiana in years and it felt soooo good. I couldn’t stand being at Envy for more than an hour… I was already over the Stockton scene and missed being in LA.

Hood cousins haha! Me, Tasia, and Roger.

Well… I think that’s about it for my Thanksgiving with my family blog. I am completely thankful for everything that has ever happened to me. Everything happens for a reason and by the way my life just flows I’m happy that I was given this life God has given me. I couldn’t be more thankful for my parents who have been together for 36 years. They have taught me the value of family, the struggles to succeeding, and continue to remind me to keep my faith in God.

I’ve had an awesome year and continue to give thanks to the lessons I’ve learned throughout this year… I can’t wait for 2009! Cheers!! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning (well this afternoon) and had almost 20 Thanksgiving text messages. It was nice to get a Thanksgiving greeting from fighters like Clay Guida, Manny Gambuyran, and Thomas Denny, and also people from the MMA industry… oh and Bruce Buffer too 🙂

Today is a day we give thanks and I am very thankful and feel blessed for the life that God has given me. I am having THE time of my life right now, I have the best job in the world, I have the greatest and wonderful friends, and my family is all that I’ll ever need in this life to make me ME.

Thank you to those of you who continue to check out my site to see what I’ve BeenUp2 🙂

Today I am going to stop by my best friend Melissa’s house to see her two sons (one of them my God son), her belly (she is pregnant with boy number 3), and her family too. I love her family! Later on in the evening I am going to go to my Dad’s side and visit that side of my family… I miss them!. My immediate family celebrates our Thanksgiving on the Friday after Thanksgiving so everyone who has other family events could attend them today.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when my family sits around the table to wrap lumpia while we are listening to some Marvin Gaye or Earth Wind and Fire. My entire family is musically inclined so when it comes to music we are ALL just singing and laughing and having a wonderful time. Every Thanksgiving we share each others recipes and even learn the recipes that have been passed down to generation to generation too.

I can’t wait to see all of my family and eat all this wonderful Filipino food and Turkey too.

Thank you Lord for giving us this day to celebrate the giving of Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving yall!

Heading to the 209 for Thanksgiving…

I can’t wait to go home to Stockton to see my family.

Last night when Jaycee and I were on our way to Heat Ultra Lounge in OC we stopped by Jamie’s to pick her up but went inside real quick to use her restroom. When I was there her sister Clarise’s daughter Nati was there playing with me and tickling me. It made me miss my nieces and nephew. I can’t wait to see them and play with them and hear the laughter in their voices. Auntie Rara loves them very much. 🙂

I’m just waiting for my brother to get here so that we can drive up north together. I’m sleeping the whole way there cause I’m pooped from last night. He better not ask me to drive lol.

My Cockstar Army with the music of Joseph Gettright weekend

I had a blast this weekend. It was Dru from Cockstar Army and model Tracy Nova’s birthday and we started off at Highlands in Hollywood on Friday and on Saturday we were at club Flight in Huntington Beach.

Friday night Byron swooped me up and we headed to Highlands. It was sooo much fun. I like going to Highland’s on Fridays because that’s when I get to run into my party people haha. Jamie’s ass was there and you know she wanted me to introduce her to the go go dancers lol. I remember leaving at the end of the night but not wanting to go because the deejay played Estelle’s Come Over. I found myself dancing by myself while Jane was waiting at the door for me haha. After the club we ended up with a party of 14 at Thai Patio and I didn’t get home till 4am.

Saturday night…

Jaycee was deejaying the party so we had to be there early. I picked him up and then picked up Jaime. When we got to Huntington Beach we were hungry and found ourselves in the Del Taco drive thru before entering the club. When we got there we walked in with our Del Taco. One of the guys at the door stopped us and said we couldn’t bring our food in but once I said “I’m with the Deejay” he let us in HAHA! Jamie and I were laughing soooo hard. As Jaycee was setting up Jamie and I were grubbing on our Del Taco. YAY for 99 cent chicken soft tacos lol. The deejay stuff wasn’t set up like it was supposed to when we got there so we had to wait a little bit before the music started. Once he was all set up it was on and crackin’.

I guess I should refer him as Joseph Gettright in this blog other than Jaycee. He has been in the process of transitioning his deejay name from Jaycee J to Joseph Gettright and at Flight the EmCee introduced him as ‘Jaycee from Power106′ but during his set he played his “Joseph Gettright”. I know he is very maticulate in the songs he chooses to play because he observes the crowd quite often… and if he doesn’t like the song he’ll still play it for the ladies haha 😉 Even though he only spinned for an hour and fifteen minutes he still got the party crackin’. I know there were plenty of songs he wanted to play but couldn’t due to time constraints.

Not only was this party for Dru and Tracy but it was also Jaycee’s Joseph Gettright Mixtape Release Party. By the end of the night he was out of mixtapes and I know he brought hella.

(Click to download his Chil-lectro mix)

After four Jager shots, my night was fulfilled when he mixed his Electro with Whitney Houston’s I Want To Dance With Somebody. I was singing it from the top of my lungs haha. Boy… I was feeling it soooo much my hair was soaked from so much dancing. (Speaking of HAIR, if you can’t tell from the pics I got my hair cut hehe) I was dancing so much I got fed up and went to my car to get my shoes… no more 5 inch heels for me, it was Ra-Boogie time! 🙂

We had so much fun, when Jaycee was done with his set it was drink time. Jamie’s face was soooo red she passed up the patron. Dru tried to pass the Patron on over to me and I refused too. I had to tell Jaycee to tell them No cause I was NOT trying to mix my alcohol especially from what happened in Vegas. Good thing Jaycee was there to save me or else we all would have been sleeping in the car since I was the Designated Driver. Cockstar Army had a fashion show with a lot of hot ladies rockin his gear.

After the club we found ourselves at someones house. They put in Jaycee’s CD and my happily intoxicated ass was battling Stan lol. Later on Stan fell asleep and Me, Jamie, and Jane were taking pics with him while he was snoooooozing HAHA! I ♥ Jane and Jaime!

The ladies: Me, Jaime, Tracy, and Jane

By the time we got back to LA it was 5:30am. We had good times in OC with Cockstar Army and the music of Joseph Gettright. So check out Cockstar Army at and Joseph Gettright at when you can. Spank ya!

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