My Friday night of partying in Chitown!

Last night was soooo much fun!

We went to the Maple Avenue Pub aka MAP and had a few drinks. Beth and Jake knew everyone at the bar so we pretty much got hooked up all night. It was nice to meet their friends. It was Loverboy Night at MAP which means there were men stripping all night for the ladies. Although I didn’t bother getting a lap dance, it was quite interesting to watch men walking around in their underwear waiting for women to tip them. I found myself helping Trever (Beth’s brother) sell his shots while he was in his boxers lol. The faster he sold his shots the faster we were on our way to Spybar to celebrate CombatLifestyle’s One Year Anniversary with Tracy Lee.

We had a blast! I was so excited to see everyone there. Mike Pyle was there and it’s always so nice to party with him. He just knows how to have a good time. A bunch of fighters were there. I was really happy to see Tracy Lee and I’m proud of her and all of her accomplishments. I’ve been there since it first launched and seen her struggles to success. She is definitely one of the hardest working women I know. CONGRATS TRACE!

Here are some pics… Don’t forget to view the rest of the album! One Year Anniversary Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Beth, Jake, Me, Mike Pyle, and Gil One Year Anniversary Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Me and Mark Dellograte aka Mark DelaHESAGANGSTA One Year Anniversary Party – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

And here is a video from us partying the night before! 🙂

My First Segment with MMA With Yac & J

OK, so this was my first time. I know I missed a few words here and there and I even fobbed out when I said “pound for pound”, but what the heck it was my first time. Now I know what to expect and what to do the next time. Plus, I didn’t write the first half of the segment. I wrote the last half as you could tell… more of my personality came out during the end.

Soooooooo here it is! 🙂

Please feel free to comment on my blog as ANYONE can and let me know what you think of our new production. Cool huh?

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I got laid by Clay Guida… partying in Chitown!

I had THE most fun yesterday.

My plane ride the most interesting of all. When I was on my way from Las Vegas to Chicago I was sitting next to one of the sweetest 67 year old ladies I’ve ever met, Janet. I just had the greatest conversation with her. I was wondering why she was so cool until I found out we shared the same birthday LOL. How often do you find someone with the same birthday as you? She had such a real great presence and good energy. Then I asked her what her husbands sign was and sure enough her husband had the same birthday as my Mom! Now how ironic is that? Wtf is going on here? lol

When it was time to get off the plane I got out of my seat and guess who the fuck was sitting right behind me? RANDY mutha fuckin’ COUTURE! The whole entire time I am sitting telling 67 year old Janet about the wonderful sport of MMA, and the mutha fuckin’ champ was sitting right behind me the whole time!!! I was in complete shock and BeenUp2’ed Me and Randy.

I had a quick conversation with Randy. He asked me what brand I was wearing and I turned around and showed him my Fight Chix logo on the back of my jacket. Then I told him about our Fight Chix afterparty and told him that we are probably going to head to Club Moda afterward. Club Moda is where Randy is having his afterparty, and he goes “Oh, I have no idea where we’re going. My wife is the one who set all that up.” LOL Go Kim! 🙂

Jake picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to his house to meet with Beth. I was super excited cause I’ve always wanted to meet their kids since I always hear about them. The minute I walked in her son Jase got all shy, but just the other day Beth put him on the phone and he goes “Rara my girlfriend” LOL. He was such a cutie. Then Beth’s daughter Justyne grabs my hand and takes me straight to her room to show me the picture of me hanging in her room. She was excited I was there and as Beth says she is my ‘biggest fan’ HAHA! It was so nice to finally meet their kids.

We grabbed dinner, got ready, and headed straight to downtown Chicago. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I LOVE CHICAGO! It kinda reminded me of San Francisco cause it was the city and it was cold outside… but Chicago is WAY better than Frisco, IMO. We made plans to meet up with everyone at Club 720 for some salsa dancing but before we went there we stopped by Club Level to drop off some Fight Chix gear for our party on Saturday. As soon as we got to Club 720 Georgie Pooh, Ramy, Shamori, and the infamous Shonie Carter were there. YAY! I was so happy to see them. Next thing you know, here comes Tracy Lee with Miguel Torres. Awwww snaps… my salsa buddy arrived. Miguel and I had a lot of fun salsa dancing… freakin’ A… I love salsa dancing! Then it was Shonie’s turn. Shonie can salsa with a little big of gangsta twist. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun!

Then we walked over to another club called Enclave. We were there for a little bit and when Clay Guida and Cole Miller got there we were ready to hit up another club. Tracy and I got layed by Clay Guida! HAHA! So funny to say. He just came back from Hawaii and gave Tracy and I lays. See, I told yall Clay was a sweetheart!

Anyway, we grabbed everyone and headed straight to Club Level. As soon as we got there they comped us a table and it was on! Cole Miller, Miguel, and I were comparing elbows. Who had the sharpest one? HAHA Can you tell whose is whose? LOL!

We got home at 4AM and had such a blast!. I wish the clubs in LA closed at 4AM dammit! I soooooo can’t wait for tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight we are celebrating’s One Year Anniversary with Tracy Lee at Spybar, and tomorrow night is our Fight Chix Afterparty at Club Level.


Flying to Chitown!

I woke up at 5AM today. I don’t know how or why because I was super hammered from drinking Sake with Drea last night. I freakin drunk BBMed Jaycee last night. This morning I looked at my messages and was like wtf was I talking about lol (Sorry Jikka haha). I think I woke up so early because of my excitement for this weekend. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t because the news was on. The 405 Freeway was closed because there was a brush fire near the Sepulveda and the Getty’s Center. It kept me up for a little bit then I went back to sleep. I had the most interesting sexual dream for like 5 mins haha then woke up. wtf? LoL

Drea took me to the airport. I woke her up at 6:30am so we can get on the road at 7am. I didn’t want to engage into the early morning traffic especially since the 405 was shut down. By the time we got on the road we didn’t encounter too much traffic. Thank God. I didn’t wanna miss my flight and then be stuck in the airport for 14 hours like my last trip to Minneapolis for the UFC.

Anyway, I’m at the airport right now flying U.S. Airways. I couldn’t believe it cost me $15 to check one bag in. I was like wtf? I’ve never had to pay to check in a bag, let alone $15 for just ONE bag lol. Our economy is so fucked up the passengers have to pay to check in their bags… Damn! I pray things start to change after the election.

Well, I’m off to Vegas and then Chicago cause I took a connecting flight. I’m sorry I won’t be able to do my Daily Pics and Video today. I don’t know how religious I’ll be to that this weekend but if you stay tuned to my site, I promise you’ll be reading some good stories. I’m blogging from my Blackberry and I’ll try to do my best to blog as much as possible. 🙂

I’m just way too excited for Chicago this weekend!

I absolutely love Chicago! Every time I go there I have an awesome time. I just think the city is beautiful and the people are great. The last few times I went to Chicago I went there for my brother’s graduation and also the Primetime Fighting Championships. Tracy and I had a blast touring Chicago in 3 hours. I have no idea how we hit up every tourist spot, but we sure did. If you ever need a buddy to go any where in the U.S., Tracy is definitely the one you need to be with. Even though I haven’t really talked to her much the past few weeks, I’m really excited to see her.

Primetime Fighting Championships: Rara and Tracy’s 3 hour tour – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

My flight leaves early tomorrow morning and I arrive in Chicago in the afternoon. Jake and Beth are going to pick me up and we’re going to get something to eat. Then we are going to hit up Club 720 for some salsa dancing! YES! When I was in Chicago, Shonie Carter and I got down with the get down on the salsa dance floor. We danced and sweated our asses off. Check out this pic…

Primetime Fighting Championships Preparty – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

UFC 86- Prepartying @ Studio 54 and Tabu – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

The last time I saw Miguel Torres was the weekend of UFC 86. While we were pre-partying we were definitely getting down on some salsa dancing. He leads really well and I enjoyed dancing with him a lot. I hit him up to let him know I was coming to Chicago for UFC 86 and right away we started to make plans to go to the salsa club. Next thing you know I invite Shonie Carter, then Tracy Lee, then Arianny Celeste, then Beth and Jake, then Georgie Pooh and Ramy, to all the Chicago UGers lol. I even called Clay Guida too. He said he isn’t much of a salsa dancer, but since everyone is going and I’m in town he is definitely going to party with us. I love Clay, he is such a great friend. I’m still trying to find a salsa dress to wear. I’d wear the same red dress I wore for Fight! Magazine’s Anniversary party, but Miguel Torres already seen me in that. If you’re a girl you know what I’m talking about lol. And it’s not that I’m trying to hook up with Miguel… it’s just a girl thing LOL.

Friday night we are all heading to Spy Bar to celebrate CombatLifestyle’s 1 Year Anniversary with Tracy Lee. I know we are all going to have a great time. Then on Saturday of course it’s the night of UFC 90, I’m am hosting Fight Chix’s UFC 90 party at Club Level and we’re Celebrating Beth’s Birthday YAY!

This weekend is about to be off the chains!!!! I can’t wait to salsa dance and party with all of my friends in Chicago! WHOOOO HOOOO! 🙂