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Halloween Costumes and the Lesbian Club Here

Yesterday, during the day, I spent the day sending out emails. IMMAE is still in planning for our 2009 event and I wanted to make sure things are going smooth with the potential sponsors we have on board and some exhibitors. Towards the evening Drea and I were trying to figure out what costume she was going to wear for Halloween. This was easy for Drea to not spend money on a costume because she makes EVERYTHING! This girl is known to make an outfit go from rags to riches lol. At first she found one of my long skirts and was trying to make a Greek goddess outfit… and it was cute! Then she found one of Amy’s shirts (our other roommate) and made a dress out of it. She cut a few leaves from one of our fake plants, found some bobby pins, and stuck them in her hair. She wrapped one of my gold belts around her arm and sure enough in no time she created a cute sexy Halloween costume spending no money. Then I tried on my Halloween costume, a sexy flight attendant. I bought it from Fredrick’s of Hollywood years ago and it’s still cute! haha

I heard from JD yesterday via aim. He is in Brisbane, Australia now having a blast like always. I haven’t talked to him since he drunk dialed me from Paris, France two weeks ago… and he didn’t remember anything he said. It’s true what they say right?, “The truth comes out when you’re drunk”. I wish I could use what he said against him, but it’s way too pointless now. He wouldn’t tell me these things in my face obviously cause he is very prideful and a Leo too. 😉

Drea was rehearsing in her Trashy Lingerie costume at home… it is sooooo cute! I can’t wait for everyone to see her performance. I woke her up this morning and said “Good morning, Sunshine! Today is your big day… I’m so excited!”, she said she is excited too. I soooo can’t wait.

I was supposed to go to Les Deux yesterday with Jane. We kinda planned it on Tuesday but it was up in the air. I didn’t end up going cause Jane wasn’t too sure if she wanted to go out yet cause she had to plan for Vegas, Nolan was on his way to Vegas, Byron didn’t call me back, and Jaycee was being a poop lol. So after about 10:00pm I knew I wasn’t gonna go. Then at about 11PM Jane hit me up, she said she had to go to Club Here. I was kinda in shock because I didn’t think Jane knew about Club Here, but shes never been there. It was her friends birthday and had to show up. I literally live less than a mile from the Club. Jane swooped me up on we were on our way to Club Here, the lesbian club in West Hollywood.

I haven’t been to Club Here in a VERY long time, but I hit up my girl Jaime because I knew she always goes there. She wasn’t going to go out but since I hit her and her homegirls hit her up too, sure enough she came out. I’ve known her since high school so we go waaaaay back. It’s always nice to run into her with her 209 flava! lol

Me and Jaime

Monique, Christine, Jane, B, Jaime, and Me

Jane, Jaime, and Me

After Club Here we all went to eat Thai food at Toi. Myron promotes Club Arena on Thursday night and met up with us to eat too. It’s always good catching up with Myron. I’ve known him for years too.

I had a very fun Thursday night. I CANT WAIT FOR TONIGHT!


GYEAH! You read that right. My best friend, Drea, is going to be featured on E! Entertainment this weekend. Drea is a Trashy Lingerie model and the lead singer in the NEW Trashy Lingerie Burlesque troop known as The Trashy Girls. They are making their debut on Halloween night at Club Kress in Hollywood.

Yesterday, after Drea and I worked out and hiked up Runyon Canyon she received the call with the news. Right away we went straight to Kura Sushi to celebrate with some sake. Apparently, E! Entertainment is going to interview her in regards to the new Trashy Girls and show their performance on national television. How freakin’ cool is that!

Ever since Drea and I met and became best friends in choir class in high school, I always knew she was gonna be in a star. She has worked so hard for this. Her body is in amazing shape, her dancing is on point, and her singing is the fucking shit! Everyone and their mama is going to be blown away. I seen her lingerie outfit she is wearing for their performance and it is HOT! I wanted to BeenUp2 a picture with her in it, but then I thought I’d wait for everyone to see it…. it’s super sexy!

I’m gonna try to record everything I can with my camera, but there’s gonna be cameras everywhere. I want to video tape it for my first video blog but my camera only records up to one minute. I gotta find a friend who would let me borrow their video camera for the night. Dammit!

Anyway, I’m super duper excited and can’t wait for tomorrow. I know I’m probably gonna have tears in my eyes because I know her career is going to take off and this is something she has been working for… this is her dream!

So make sure you all keep your eyes peeled on E! Entertainment this weekend. YAY!

My Tuesday Night at Club Central

Jane hit me up earlier yesterday and asked if I wanted to go out to Club Central, and of course I was down. Our boy Allen was promoting the private party.

I knew I should have worn tennis shoes so that I can get my dance on, but I wore heels cause Jane was wearing heels. It was torture seeing a dance circle and not being able to go in because I had heels on. Sure enough, I took my 5 inch heels off and was dancing in the circle. Dancing is my free time, my ME time… and after my fun ass weekend in Chicago it was definitely something I needed to ice the topping on the cake. The well known dancer Crazy Legs was there from the Rock Steady crew and gave me my props and encouraged me to go into the circle more, but honestly, I was kinda intimidated because he was there lol. By the time I looked at my feet they were black! haha

For some reason I always run into Apl from Black Eyed Peas at some random place and it’s always at a place where there are hella Filipinos haha. But we said Hi and caught up real quick. I think the last time I was him was in Vegas at Manny Pacquiao’s last fight.

The night was fun. It was nice hanging out with my friends and even running into friends too; Jane, Allen, Nolan, Byron, Ryan, Turbulence, Samantha, Apl, Jaycee, Q, Mel… and if I forgot to mention your name, my bad. lol

Jane, Me, and Allen

Me and Sam… I love her hair!

Me, Apl, and Jane

Me and Jaycee. Jikka is back from Taiwan. LMAO at his face!

My UFC 90 trip to Chicago was so much fun!

First off, I would like to thank Beth and Jake Nuesser (the owner’s of Fight Chix) for their hospitality. I had an awesome time with them and in Chicago!

I can go on and on with stories that happened over the weekend, but honestly I’m just too lazy to type them out right now.

UFC 90 was good granted it wasn’t what the fans wanted to see. But at least we got to see a great up and coming fighter like Junior dos Santos knock out Fabricio Werdum and Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin throw down for three rounds. Everyone was upset with the outcome of the Silva vs Cote fight, but when we were in the limo ride on our way to the club Hermes Franca and Dean Lister pointed something out to me. Hermes goes “Rara, I understand where Anderson is coming from. No one knows what it’s like to be a fighter, with all the stress we got to go through to cut weight and put on a show for our fans.” Then Dean elaborated on Anderson going back and forth on weight classes. Plus, they got to train everyday, maintain a family, pay their bills, maintain the media, etc.

I never really thought about that. I took a step back and looked at myself. Most of you may not know this but I’ve gained some weight and I’m trying to lose it, but it’s been rough. I got to watch what I eat and try to find time to work out during my busy working day. But I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be a fighter and and cut 15 lbs and then gain it back… I’d be stressed like a mutha fucka!

I have faith in Anderson and he is gonna come back harder than ever his next fight! 🙂

Our after party was so much fun, especially with unlimited bottle service lol. Minus all the drama that went down trying to get to the club, we all had a great time! The people at Club Level treated us well. Fabricio Werdum didn’t even show up to his own afterparty. I wouldn’t want to party if I was him too… He got knocked the fuck out! lol It was a big win for Ed Soares and his team. I was very happy for them and at the same time I was sad that Werdum lost cause Fight Chix sponsored him.

Anyway, I can go on and on about how much fun I had this weekend but then I’d be typing a novel. It was so nice to see all of my friends from Chitown. I even had the chance to visit my Auntie Marmi (my Mom’s first cousin). I was so happy to see Auntie Marmi and her family. I know it made my mom happy and my Lola proud. I love my family.

Yesterday my flight was booked to depart at 6:40pm and to arrive in LA at 9pm. There was no way I could have taken that flight because we had to film our show, MMA with Yac and J at 7PM. I had my uncle drop me off at the airport at 12:30pm to see if I could catch a flight standby… and sure enough I DID!

I was writing my script on the airplane ride home and made it in time to the studio. I think I’m getting this teleprompter stuff down. LOL! I’ll post the show on my site on Wednesday. You can also tune into to watch it too.

Well happy Tuesday!