A Ladies Day with Aaliyah, Runyon Canyon, and Sushi!

Yesterday Drea, Arianny, and I went to go work out together. On our way to Runyon Canyon we were listening to Aaliyah, which put me in a really good mood. That’s why I wanted to post this song on my site right now… one of my favs.

Runyon Canyon is my most favorite place to work out at in Hollywood. I love hiking all the way at the top of the hill just to say a little prayer. It’s just so beautiful up there. You could see from Los Angeles all the way to Santa Monica and can even see the beach too. After a hard work out it’s quite refreshing. That’s why I say a prayer each time I get up there. Makes me thankful to see something so beautiful. Ahhhh I’m such a girl when it comes to the scenic scenes lol.

We got there really late. The park closes at sunset, but that wasn’t gonna stop us from working out. We are trying to get our bodies looking good for this weekend. Drea and Arianny are both working at the Mr. Olympia convention in Las Vegas this weekend and ME, well… I just need to get my ass back into shape now that our IMMAE show is over. I’m trying to get it back to when it looked like this lol:

Pool Parties- Palms Pool & WET Republic
combatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Pool Parties- Palms Pool & WET Republic
combatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife

Anyway, after Runyon Canyon we went to our favorite sushi spot in Hollywood, Kura Sushi. Drea and I go there all the time. As a matter of fact, we go there so often we have our own personalized chop sticks. When we walk in and sit at the sushi bar, they hand us our chop sticks hehe. I love Kura! I am such a sushi condisuer too. I had a rainbow roll, Drea had albacore, and Arianny had a miso soup and salad.

Check out my Rainbow Roll made with love by the owner, Sunny.

At dinner we were all having girl talk doing what women do best lol. Yes, we all talked about the men who are in our lives and even ones who aren’t in our lives anymore too. The many lessons we’ve learned along the way… oh and sizes too. If you don’t think women talk about sizes WE SURE DO! lol They didn’t believe me about Asian men, but they don’t date Asians… I do. haha

It was a great day. It’s always nice to spend time with my girls. Especially over sushi and sake after a long work out.

SkyScrape and LMFAO related?

OK, so a few weeks ago Drea and I went to Jaycee‘s birthday pool party at The Standard in Downtown LA and the guys from LMFAO were there. If you’re not familiar with LMFAO they sing the song “I’m in Miami Bitch”. As soon as they walked in Drea and I looked at each other, laughed and said “Hey there goes SkyScrape!” We knew it wasn’t the real SkyScrape from the TapouT Crew, but after a few Kir Royals it was pretty hilarious.

Jaycee introduced us to them and I said “Do you know you look like Skyscrape from the TapouT crew?”, he said “Yes, we get that a lot” LOL.

Tell me they don’t look alike? It’s their similar humor, hair, and sunglasses that do it for me. They must be cousins or something lol.

combatlifestyle.com – CombatLifestyle Nightlife


LMFAO – I’m In Miami Bitch

Joey Karate My Favorite Funniest Guest on Our Yac & J’s MMA and Boxing Show

I remember this day so clear. I just got back from UFC 86 in Minneapolis tired as shit and completely forgot that I had a show to do. I actually cooked chicken adobo that day and was bringing some over to my friend Jaycee (long story, he couldn’t see and needed food lol) when in traffic I went to The Underground and found a thread titled “Joey Karate on thestream.tv”. No shit! I can’t believe I freakin’ forgot I had a show to do. I guess from spending 14 hours in the airport from a missed flight and two flight delays I’m sure I wasn’t all there the next day lol. Anyway, I told Jaycee to come outside so I can give him his food and quickly bounced to the studio. I was in Burbank, it was 7:35pm and the show started at 8:00pm in Hollywood. I booked it to the studio and made it on time.

Joey Coco Diaz aka “Joey Karate” was one of the funniest mutha fuckas we’ve ever had on our show. My cheek bones were tingly and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. He is just so raw and doesn’t give a fuck. When we were cuing him in to say “I’m Joey Coco Diaz and you’re watching thestream.tv”, his ass was like “Hey you lazy fucks, this is Joey Coco Diaz and you’re watching thestream.tv” It was soooo funny. OMG, you have to watch the part in the show when we show him in his Karate outfit HAHAHA. That’s why this archive is my favorite because it is FUCKING HILARIOUS!

Yac & J’s MMA & Boxing Show – Joey Coco Diaz

Watch This Episode on www.theStream.tv

Yac & J’s MMA and Boxing Show on The Stream.tv

The post show was even funnier. I wish it was archived too. Joey Diaz was saying all sorts of vulgar things to the people in the chat my stomach was hurting even more. Jaycee even tuned in to the show and signed in as ‘imanobody’ lol. I didn’t know it was him until he told me to show my ‘water pistols’, which clearly gave it away. So to show him love I said ‘DJ Jaycee J, Joseph Gettright is the best DJ in LA!’ (Myspace.com/josephgettright) HAHAHA. Oh shit I laughed my ass off so hard. It was actually nice to have a friend, who doesn’t follow the sport, tune into the show… thanks Jikka. 🙂

Ahhh oh the UG found www.missrara.com!

Underground thread: *www.missraracom-check it”

LOL! I’ve been linked on The Underground, www.MixedMartialArts.com! I haven’t even had a chance to put all my Advertising Affiliates up yet. This site was such as last minute thing. Ask Tracy Lee. I literally put it together in one day and as I keep updating it I keep on wanting to add more and more lol.

Thanks CALunch for posting the thread. Sorry there are no nudes on my site. I don’t have any! But I know the UG loves this booty pic for some odd apparent reason! I’m posting it for you! lol

There’s a story that goes behind this picture and how it landed in the UG.

I never really took professional modeling photos until I started working in the MMA industry. This pic was taken for MMA Sports Magazine back in March. After the photo shoot I signed up for Model Mayhem and posted the pictures on my profile. Well back in April, there was a thread created in the Hawaii Underground forum called Ms RaRa nakkid TapOut Pics. Forum poster jjd and I were going back and forth because I had no Tap Out worthy pics. He asked for me to post a bikini picture but I was too shy to and because I Never Back Down (lol) I posted the picture from a tiny pic url on my Model Mayhem account really small to not show too much of my booty. Then jjd posted the picture in this thread: MISS RARA (posted by The Mouth, Primetime FC). Sure enough someone did their investigation and found my Model Mayhem account and posted the bigger picture of the booty on The Underground. Damn you, jjd! lol

Personally, I don’t think my booty is even that big. I’m wearing 4 inch heels and from the way I’m turned the booty pops out. It’s a picture guys! haha

Even after a while I still was too shy to have this picture out there. I didn’t post it on my Myspace till the end of July so that I could get more hits on my Myspace to promote IMMAE 😉 Oh you know my marketing antic worked! 🙂

I was too shy and embarrassed to have the photo out there because I come from a very conservative Filipino family. I didn’t even get my first tattoo till three months ago and I’m 26 years old lol. I’m already embarrassed to post this picture on my site right now because I know my Mom and my Dad are gonna see it. AHHHH!!! (I love you Papa!) *hides*

Anyway, since the UG found www.missrara.com I made my site to where anyone can comment. So you don’t HAVE to be a member to comment on my blogs. Anonymous users can comment too… that’s for you trolls out there lol. But I thought it’d be nice to get familiar forum members interacting with my site and blogs.

Well… I’m off to bed.

Launched our new and improved IMMAE site and announced our next big show date!

I’m pretty excited. We’ve been working on the content and data for our new site since our last show and the new and improved IMMAE.tv is up and ready to go.

Check it out!

Also, our dates for our next big IMMAE show will be August 29th and 30th, 2009! Instead of planning six to four months in advance we plan on doing it twelve months in advance. We really want our show to get bigger each year. I can’t wait!

Check out our press release: